Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services for Local or National Search Engine Optimization of your website

We offer Search Engine Optimization under the umbrella of our SEO Services badge. In reality it's a bit more complicated than just ticking boxes (see our basic explanation of SEO below), because we recognize that Search engine optimization is evolving all the time, and the real players in the game, led by Google, are removing loopholes, tricks and SEO hacks from the equation. Perhaps someday, SEO Services will be a fossil in the history of web search.

That day has not arrive yet.SEO is alive and well for now, and even represents a necessity, rather than a luxury.

Without excellent SEO Services, you not only run the risk of not being found, but you run the risk of losing more ground than ever before. Even mediocre SEO work can cost you a massive amount, as you realize your competitors and the search algorithms have passed you up as you've set aside the need to actually optimize.

SEO Services are crucial to website and business success
1Does SEO differ for each search engine algorithm?

Yes, every search engine differs in how it scans for, caches, and retrieves webpages.

Fortunately two key points exist:

1. Google is the reigning King of Search and a vast majority of traffic comes through that channel organically and locally.

2. Generally, the agreed upon best practices offers a very good mix of traffic value for all major search algorithms.

Given these points, we optimize well, feed your content properly and guarantee proper citations and natural backlinks to ensure your continued success.

2How much work does it actually take to do SEO each month?

It's not a trivial amount of work. SEO Services are required to be comprehensive and robust in their offerings due to a few reasons:

  • Competitors affinity toward and work on SEO
  • Industry changes
  • Algorithm Updates and evolution
  • Content is king and needs constant attention to shape and mold into a program
  • There are constant players entering the arena both on the resource and on the competitive side
  • Every component needs to be adjusted as it is tested against the reality of the web and the algorithms that serve each page of your site
  • Harmony needs to be found continually
  • Needless to say, SEO needs to be worked on constantly. Yes it is true, small websites can take less work than bigger websites, but no site is insulated from the broader aspects of organic and referral traffic and all sites, page by page need to be brought into harmony with overall long term planning and with constantly evolving best practices.

3How can I guarantee results in SEO?

Nothing is ever guaranteed. Code language, themes, surprise changes by Google or others can all affect efficacy.

What we can guarantee is a substantial increase in traffic. We can also guarantee no other Search Engine Optimization Service offers as robust a set of features and as many component parts as our service offering does. We can also guarantee that there is not a single competitor in our area that can offer what we offer for the price we offer it.

Generally, you will see a dramatic improvement on bottom line inside of 6 months to 2 years depending on the competitive nature of your industry. We usually tell our clients that within 2-4 months they should begin seeing drastic traffic increases. We can prove these increases and we can show how you compare to competitors to show the value of our work.

4What else should I be aware of when I actually commit to SEO work?

How will your convert your traffic? We offer integrated Conversion optimization features when we build a website and are charged with the SEO Services.

Will your staff know how to close leads from the internet? We can offer training and help you to navigate the different types of new consumers you'll receive through great SEO Work.

SEO can change. Even best practices can change. We will let you know as it happens but you should expect some modifications over time due to advances in algorithm technology and innovation in adapting to new processes in the industry.

What do we do as part of our SEO services package

Our SEO Services start and end with Assessment. We use analytics and other tools to ensure we have an accurate model to build on and that we have properly fixed any concerns that may arise from Search Engine optimization.

But does the SEO process ever end?

Proper SEO doesn't end until search algorithms render it obsolete, but bad SEO doesn't improve ranking enough to pay for itself. That said: Google, changing and refining the process as it continually does, does not make it easy to stay ahead of the pack, unless you have a ton of data to pull from. Hence the strength of our SEO services: DATA.

SEO Services Component: Analytics, Assessment and Data

We utilize hundreds of test websites (the infrastructure alone costs us thousands of dollars a month to maintain), built on various web hosts, utilizing various platforms, themes, code languages and testing methods to get our data. We try out content styles, optimize things differently according to industry theories and utilize best practices as we establish them. That's right: we make our OWN BEST PRACTICES, more specific and more stringent than industry bare standards. We gather data through these websites and by being diligent consumers of industry information sources and acting as ceaseless researchers.

SEO Services Component: Implementing planning and adding legitimate content

After a proper plan has been built using available market data, data from the business and competition research, we need to add real content to make the site desirable, staged in a way that make the site usable and optimized in a way that is both user friendly and search engine recognizable

SEO Services Component: Integration and Progression

The final and most important part of the long-term success of the site once the two foundational aspects are properly in place (see above); is the integration and use of the content and infrastructure of the website into the general ecosystem of the world wide web first, the regional search parameters and finally into the local ecosystems, to allow all the different outside resources to access properly placed, strategically staged data to most effectively market the content and the business through the proper channels.

Other SEO Components we factor into our SEO Services Packages

SEO Services require the best web hosting - Managed Hosting
SEO requires great content
SEO work requires properly added backlinks and citations.
SEO Services for local marketing impact

Robust Web Hosting

Turnover and Cornerstone Content

Citations and Backlinks

Local & Hyper-local SEO Services

What is Search Engine Optimization effectively?

SEO, or search engine optimization is basically a a series of checklists enacted to harmonize with the characteristics that we as believe (as SEO professionals) the search engine algorithms are using to deliver the best results to those using search services. Each algorithm is different in some ways, and generally it's no secret, that Google is the Elephant in the room. Bing (by Microsoft), Yahoo, and other boutique type search engines are also ranking search engine results by a set of factors both technical, and intangible to drive searchers to a given web result. Ideally, the seeker, or user of the search engine desires to have their needs interpreted by this sophisticated algorithm, and then be led to the solution for their search. Google, in our opinion offers the most realistic and accurate results, but there is only so much traffic to go around and with such accurate results, it truly pays to be on top of the search results, so you get seen first and have the chance to convert the traffic served organically to your website by Google or other search engines. Hence, the reason we offer SEO Services - to drive our clients real, ready to convert traffic by checking off all the best practice checkpoints on the checklist for the given search algorithm.

Google requires certain best practices to even consider your company for SERPs

A SERP is a search engine results page or also sometimes referred to as a search engine ranking placement. In order to work in Googles proprietary algorithm, you need to know what it considers to offer true credibility.

Credibility allows you to be shown among global leaders or as local titans but it must be part of the equation. How credibility is derived is a lengthier topic, but we will cover some basics here:

Backlinks and Citations:Who says you are legit, how legit they say you are, and are you doing the minimum to prove you are recognizable in the broad market?

Technical SEO work:are you delivering recognizable and standard information to ensure you are meeting minimum expectations online relative to peers?

On Page SEO: Are you offering the basic information that allows you to be found and easily navigated/used in order to deliver a consumer the type of result that Google or other search algorithm deems appropriate?

Integration: Do you legitimately show your desire and planning and follow-through as a business desiring to be recognized and to gain clientele on the internet?

These are broad concepts, and certainly just scratch the surface of the SEO Services discussion. The point is, it's not easy to navigate the waters alone when it comes to Search engine optimization, and its many weekly, monthly and yearly changes. That said: it's not overly complex, but it does require understanding of best practices, constant upkeep and a lot of tedious work to ensure you've done all you can to be placed highly in SERPs.