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Content blogs and article writing in general is a polarizing topic in the marketing world. Some companies hate it but recognize its importance in an overall business development plan and as part of content marketing. Others hate it, but don’t prioritize the right parts of writing content for blogs. We write content for blogs that helps you make more money, while improving brand positioning and increasing value to clients. But the biggest reason we write content for blogs: it improves profit for small investment.

We work in a group of 12 industries. Within this group of industries we write the best copy available on the market (Contact us for samples in your industry). But writing content for blogs isn’t about writing the most technical content, or the best SEO optimized content. It’s a delicate balance that requires you to deliver on multiple fronts. We will discuss some of those concepts below. If you read our thoughts and want to discuss your content marketing plan, we’d love to chat. 

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Many businesses, and even agencies treat blog posts and articles like afterthoughts – Blog posts can be the most important BizDev opportunity for your business

We write thousands of blog article deliverables per quarter. We know exactly how important it is to balance the different aspects of a blog post to maximize value across the board. Most important: Our blog content adds profit nearly immediately – Request a Sample).

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Content for blogs can be Incredibly important because blog articles and posts can accomplish the following. Additionally, a blog needs to be evaluated from this diverse set of concepts. 


A blog:

1. Shouldn’t be confused as a tool solely for inbound links and for landing pages – in fact a blog should be able to focus links onto better landing pages

2. Can be used to organize internal links and tweak customer journeys for a website’s traffic. It can also cater to borderline potential customers that don’t find significant value from your website otherwise (saving money by not diluting core revenue from core clientele by marekting your whole website to smaller niche groups)

3. Doesn’t necessarily need to be “read” to be useful

4. Improves total content and allows crawlers to see continual progress on website which generally enhances your websites SERP’s and search metrics

5. Is a perfect way to get new SEO value out of esoteric content topics that may not be normally gone after 

6. Can exceed the value of some brands by creating additional revenue streams that are only tangentially related to the concept of the overall website if managed that way

7. Allows you to target long-tail Keywords and target important, but hard to get clients

8. Are great for adding promotional coupons and ideas, becuase it limits exposure to a general promotion, and targets specific audiences while driving sales

9. Gives a great landing page for social media work

10. Gives you unique insights and a sounding board for clientele that would normally not be interested in your offerings

11. Allows you to link much more content, which is much more focused on a per-post basis, and allows you to segemnt focused groups of potential coverting clients.

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We are Blog content specialists. Think about it this way. We write, on average, between 4-8 blog posts per day for clients every day of the year. We’ve been doing that for more than 10 years now. But this isn’t the only reason we call ourselves experts. Yes, practice can make perfect, but we do a lot more than just write a lot to position ourselves as blog Article superheroes.

We run over 50 websites for internal purposes only. Every single one of those websites have an active blog used for content distribution and marketing. What does that mean? It means: in addition to the websites we manage for clients, we stood up more than 50 websites across our core industry mix to guarantee we are seeing everything that is in the data. Not jsut what Google tell us weeks after an algorithm change, but everything in real time on frequently trafficked websites. 

We know what works, and what does not work when it comes to article writing, distribution of content for marketing, and use of focused targeting to grow your brand, because we have our full-time projects that give us a space to try new things, and test theories. Intelligence gathering in action, in real time. 

This information, paired with a group of more than 250 subject matter experts that freelance and contract content production for our team allows you a professional level solution to content needs for your web footprint. 

In case you didn’t know, we spend more on training and development of writers and subject matter experts than most agencies receive in revenue for their content writing contracts. That is: our spend to train up already highly efficient and top tier professionals is higher than the average digital agency even bills for offering content related services. 

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Blog content and article driven written content is the gold standard for maintaining a high quality website in the current marketplace. It is an easy to understand way that a small or medium sized business can compete with the bigger businesses in their space. It is also timeless, when executed properly as a strategy. You never lose value, and you have something that can function as a lead generation tool indefinitely on your website. 

This channel of marketing is powerful and offers unique insights into your audience, as well as a space where you and they can feel comfortable to build better relationships and explore how you might work together. With the right partner, a properly structured content program built around articles can improve bottom line revenue from basically day one.  

If you are a marketer or a business owner that isn’t ready to pay someone yet to do work on their website. We get it. We are business owners and marketers too. We like having control over what happens on our websites and saving money where we can. If we cannot convince you to work with us in a client/agency relationship. We would love to have you consider us from a learning perspective. We produce content that can help you understand some of the ways we outperform for our clients. Please have a look and let us know how we can help along your journey. We aren’t jealous, and we produce this content because we love seeing hard working dedicated people achieving success online everyday.

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We can help you sell more by staying on target with curated blog content and reach new audiences with proper content marketing strategies

We are not a “hard sale” digital agency. We are a digital agency that prioritizes high quality work, that’s it. You’ll either love what we do or you won’t – we won’t blow up your phone if you look elswhere. Get a sample and see for yourself. We believe you will be impressed by our capabilities. You can even request a custom sample.

Our custom blog article creation services are unrivaled – we offer premium quality content, proven strategies, a dedicated team of professionals and value for spend that no other agency can match. Period.

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