About Us

We are a diversified business consultant who happens to be one of the best internet marketing firms in Southern California and which has specialty capabilities in a broad range of market segments. 

Our clients for general marketing, website development and business management consulting and IT, are members of market segments too numerous to list, and we have extensive experience working with them to great success. 

We also have specialty management representatives that are considered the top 1% of their field of expertise. it is in these sectors that you can find a partner that can lift you to the next level, even if you are already at the top of your market segment. 

These areas of expertise include Law Enforcement, Military and Firearms industry. Risk management, Insurance and Human Resources; and Printing, Advertising and Physical infrastructure. We also have expert management on staff who can advise in political and policy making capacities. Our Start-up business consulting division is among the most capable teams in the United States. 

In the above market areas, we have partners and staff that are considered to be the best of the best in the world. 

We also have a proven track record of success in the other areas of practice which we endeavor. We utilize industry recognized best practices and have the flexibility of a small enterprise, with the experience of a large one.