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We try our best to be a fantastic partner with our clients, to help them accomplish goals in their businesses. We are also trying to be a good steward of skills and experience and help others who may not be in a position to engage with us professionally. This blog is a combination of resources for both of those audiences. In almost all sections of this blog space, you will find topics dedicated to small and medium businesses. Some are for clients who wish to engage with us as the strategists and implementation specialists. Some are made to teach concepts that take from the planning, tooling and execution that we use for our clients. Of course we don’t share all the secrets. But we do try to make something for everyone who wants to benefit from good marketing. We invite you to reach out to us if you want to connect, whether as a potential client, or as someone who wants to learn. 

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Below you will find Articles related to Small Business building, from concepts that Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) should be aware of, to how to market your business. We talk about a lot of topics, including small business cybersecurity, marketing, training, WebDev, WordPress Websites (and other CMS’s and code languages, etc.), SEO, PPC, the highest quality Content Writing, and E-Commerce, among other things applicable to small and medium businesses. We also offer FREE Business Marketing Resources that you can view to help you grow your business online and off.

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Read about projects we have worked on. Whether in SEO, PPC, SEM, Cybersecurity, Marketing or Content Production, or beyond. We are a lot different than most digital agencies. In Fact we don’t really like referring to ourselves as that, but we haven’t decided on another term for how we approach the work we do, so for now, we will call ourselves a digital agency. Regardless, we work on building businesses as a consultant and implementation specialist, mostly in the marketing arena and web security. We are different in a lot of ways. One of the more important ways, is we don’t pull punches. We are very good at finding risks and addressing them aggressively. We also aren’t perfect, so when we publish a case study, it includes the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

You can see that if you read some of our case studies. We admit when we miss a deadline. We admit when we make a mistake. We show you how real business to business interactions take place, because we think transparency, and the resulting credibility are paramount to establishing and maintaining great customer relationships. It WILL rub some people the wrong way. We expect to lose a few potential customers because of our straightforwardness. But we hope you value the trust we are trying to inspire by being fully transparent.

We hope if you have questions about our case studies you ask us. We’re always trying to improve, and some of our work isn’t yet perfect, so maybe we left out some details you want. We cannot share everything – some things are covered by an NDA, and we maintain a HIPAA-like level of confidentiality for companies we don’t have permission to share about. we do our best to help you understand the case study, so ask away. If it’s a question we can answer, we will. Contact us with inquires.

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For lack of a better explanation – Being amazing at creating content and copywriting, especially content for certain industries and for certain applications (like product descriptions for E-Commerce), has built our business.

We are a premier provider of copywriting services and create content that stands on its own in a world that is full of content. Our content sets us apart as a digital agency in Southern California, and pushes us to be leaders in certain industries. We are very proud of our content. It cannot be done by AI, it cannot be outdone by some of the best human writers, even. Our content moves markets and converts customers for our business clients and partners.

We are a white label partner for more than 100 digital agencies, and if you roam the realms we work in, furniture, or insurance, or 2A related gear, etc., you have seen our content. We hope you enjoyed it. Our clients tell us their readers have enjoyed it. Our Content strategies and content marketing have led to hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. We’re hesitant to say billions, because how would we quantify that? Let’s just say, a lot of our content, product descriptions and copywriting is indexed way up in the SERPs, and we have MILLIONS of words of content being produced by our team each year. This year we have done already more than 9 million words of content for more than 120 businesses, and thousands more through our agency partnerships.

Additionally, we have written more than 2 million words of content for 50+ websites that we own internally, that we use for data gathering, theory testing and strategic design for our tooling, ideas and to test SEO and PPC. In case it wasn’t clear: WE LOVE CONTENT! If you need content that wins the internet – Contact us!

E-Commerce Product Descriptions

Product Description WritingA product description is a multi-purpose and crucial part to the e-commerce success landscape. Without a hand crafted, quality, unique product description, the Search Engines won't index you relative to peers, and your potential customers...

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We will try to minimize redundancy in this section, but also try to showcase some cool posts and articles about what we do, what we have accomplished and how you can achieve similar results.

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We give you a fully vetted piece of content that has had multiple reviews, and offers built-in SEO best practices, including optimized headers, internal links to proper pages on your site, and we help you build a profitable strategic content program, or align directly with your existing planning.

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We use a hardcore cross-training methodology in the office. Our team is fully a management level group of professionals. Not salespeople, but experts in their given specialties from WebDev, to Content, to Security, to Networking, to Digital Marketing, etc. We cross train every single member of that team to be world class content writers. We also work with more than 250 content writers with Expert level subject understanding from more than a dozen industries. You get a whole team's expertise, by hiring us in just one of our core proficiencies. Such overlap creates ROI in real-time.