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There are often discussions about the proper use of words like “copywriting” vs. “content writing”, and even despite differences in the dictionary definitions of the terms, there is a lot of nuance to writing in general. The short answer as to what copywriting in the digital arena is, is a style of writing that prioritizes conversion, while simultaneously offering comprehensive value in a smaller amount of words.

In short: a concise, to the point, highly crafted piece of writing that seeks to accomplish a conversion.

Content writing on the other hand has a slightly different connotation. it is more broad based, and can cover things other than pure writing, or where writing is tangential or supplementary (like video). it is also tied to longer formats, and may not have as straightforward a conversion stance as specific copywriting.

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When you think of copywriting it’s about advertising and product descriptions, and taglines and short brand stories. You might also include landing page copy, or email sales copy or other concepts in the copywriting bucket, too.

When you think of content writing it’s about blog posts, and general writing tasks, and longer format communications. We may also talk about ancillary and supporting information as content creation too. Content marketing, encompasses the distribution of things that have been produced for consumption, for general audiences. Whereas copywriting is specific content that has been produced for eliciting a specific result from a specific audience.

Not all examples fit perfectly within the two umbrellas, but you can see the general delineation of copywriting, vs. content writing.

Not all Copywriting is Created Equally

We are a world class purveyor of copywriting and Content writing for a wide array of industries (we generally focus on 12 industries, but our work speaks for itself – Request a Sample).

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Copywriting is a skill. It can be taught, but rarely can it be taught at the highest level, it’s the juxtaposition of science and art, and at the highest level it is almost a superpower to be able to consistently produce top quality copywriting. At some point near the top, it’s magical, and hard to quantify.

We use copywriting in sales assets, marketing collateral that is consumer facing and prioritizes conversion and on landing pages, in ads and for certain small projects.

In the sense of general content, the content concept is broader and more generalized as anything that is read or viewed by the audience, where copywriting is the special, curated, highly edited, incredibly polished and split tested content that helps to drive sales once you’ve worked out the funnel just right.

It’s neither flowery nor verbose, it is simply powerful, interesting, and provocative – great copywriting makes conversion a breeze.

Our copywriting can increase conversions by more than 50%, leaves customers calm and engaged, and offers you a way to see instant return on investment.

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We have all seen great copywriting, with the subtle psychology and the highly polished finish it offers. But the best copywriting is the copywriting that engages customers at their very core – striking within them, the desire to be working with your brand immediately.

And while it’s great to have pretty copy, it’s not about how good your copy looks – it’s about how good your copywriting is at getting people to take the action you intended them to take.

We already know your industry. We already know the nuances of small and medium businesses. We already have access to spectacular copywriters – even on our management team. All we need is a project outline that can help us to craft the legacy that you want for your business.

From landing page copy that “feels right at home”, to ad copy that dissuades the disinterested and works only for those ready to buy right now, to taglines and brand stories that showcase your business in the right light – we can help you achieve the type of copy you’ve been dreaming about.

Copywriting is part art and part science and all about passion. The right copy can leave a potential customer with a heightened brand loyalty, or feeling good about working with your company. The best copywriting gets results now. 

We layer into the process all the things that need to be evaluated before we place pristine copywriting into the mix. Do you have a proper conversion channel? Do you have the right landing page? Is the page trying to do too many things? Do you have the support in place to execute on promises? Can you be what you promise in the copywriting? We can help you get to that place, where copywriting, on the backdrop of a strong company and with the benefit of the proper conversion techniques is but a small avenue to improved revenue. 

Copywriting for ads, landing pages, conversion funnels and “squeeze pages”, email newsletters and promotional communications – that’s what we do. We have successfully done it for hundreds of companies in the industries we work with on a regular basis. We’d like to see if we can help you accomplish your goals with spectacular copywriting – we feel confident because of our success and because of our commitment to continuous improvement. 

If you are a marketer or a business owner that isn’t ready to pay someone yet to do work on their website. We get it. We are business owners and marketers too. We like having control over what happens on our websites and saving money where we can. If we cannot convince you to work with us in a client/agency relationship. We would love to have you consider us from a learning perspective. We produce content that can help you understand some of the ways we outperform for our clients. Please have a look and let us know how we can help along your journey. We aren’t jealous, and we produce this content because we love seeing hard working dedicated people achieving success online everyday.

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We are considerably competent copywriters. We don’t need to try to sell you. Just request a sample, or call us with yoru project details and let us tell you how we can outperform. We are not a “hard sale” digital agency. We are a digital agency that prioritizes high quality work that’s it. You’ll either love what we do or you won’t – we won’t blow up your phone if you look elsewhere. Get a sample and see for yourself. We believe you will be impressed by our capabilities. You can even request a custom sample.

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We use a hardcore cross-training methodology in the office. Our team is fully a management level group of professionals. Not salespeople, but experts in their given specialties from WebDev, to Content, to Security, to Networking, to Digital Marketing, etc. We cross train every single member of that team to be world class content writers. We also work with more than 250 content writers with Expert level subject understanding from more than a dozen industries. You get a whole team's expertise, by hiring us in just one of our core proficiencies. Such overlap creates ROI in real-time.