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For Business Website Development HTML has been the standard. HTML 5 is the new standard for web development in the mobile era. HTML 5 stands for the 5th major iteration of Hyper Markup Text Language: a code type that allows the rendering of content into standard browsers. It has long been the standard for coding a large percentage of websites.

We can code you a website in HTML 5. But it’s not what we recommend. Why you ask, would we not recommend a recognized standard in web language to code a website? Time erodes web standards. What is a standard today, will not be tomorrow (usually a year to three years of life expectancy). Yes there are backwards compatibility arguments, but the standards simply cannot be kept up to date without expensive reworking of a website. A platform on the other hand can be upgraded as it continues to mature, taking into account the current and future standards and transitioning better. WordPress offers HTML 5 in it’s structure but it is not solely dependent on it. So we agree HTML 5 is amazing, we just think it’s even better when used in harmony with CSS3+ and PHP, in the form of WordPress.

Another reason we don’t recommend coding in straight HTML is that it is more expensive, less versatile (for the time spent tweaking it) and while it offers direct correlation to the SEO values we strive for on a technical level, HTML is more difficult to easily manage by a non-professional, making the sites built on the standard much more difficult and expensive to operate over time. HTML 5 is being used in this website, and even to type this paragraph, but it simply doesn’t make sense except for a relatively small portion of websites as a sole standard code language.

We use and love HTML 5; we’ll make you an HTML 5 website if you desire, but we think there are better options (for most mainstream business website needs) using a CMS like WordPress or an E-commerce CMS like Magento. these platforms integrate the web standard of HTML5 and offer enhanced benefits beyond just offering HTML5 rendering.

PHP Development for Websites

Originally known as Personal Home Page Tools, PHP at its core is an architecture that makes calls upon a database to construct data in a specific format. It’s a powerful language that serves as the coding languages of sites you know well, like Facebook, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Tumblr and yes, WordPress, our favorite CMS.

Can we code you a website in PHP? Yes we can. Will it make sense? Most likely not. Unless you plan on growing a a large audience, building a lot of infrastructure and needing a simple, specific purpose for your website. For almost any other need, PHP by itself doesn’t make sense when you have fully integrated, CMS models and platforms like WordPress, etc. A social media style site that requires a lot of database callups all at once is perhaps the best candidate for a purely PHP code language. PHP has fantastic abilities for data intensive needs. What should be pointed out however, is that PHP does not make the most sense for the majority of website needs as a sole coding language.

Most business websites need more than just excellent data callup from databases; a WordPress Website offers more than just that, and yet it utilizes the beneficial PHP language as a core code language.

We recognize the benefits of the PHP languages and respect that there are better hybrid options available for most who need a website.

CSS for Web Design

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a complementary code language that pairs with markup code languages to force the markup language to take on the styles coded into the stylesheet to control the aesthetic looks and formatting of the page rendered in a browser through the markup language (like HTML 5).

CSS makes modern web design a possibility without tedious tweaking on every page of a website by hand-coding to hard standards. This style-sheet language has allowed for flexibility, ease of customization and optimization of websites across a wide variety of devices, screen sizes, resolutions and utilizing variable server side and user side languages. CSS is a standard of Web Design and we use it on a lot of our websites extensively. It can control the sizing of text, the formatting of columns, the colors, breakpoints, floating edges and positioning of any page components in an HTML website, or a CMS (Content Management System) platform that uses HTML as the markup language. WordPress, being coded in PHP for the database callups, utilizing HTML as the markup language can use CSS to improve the user experience and the looks of a website.

CSS makes great websties look great. It does it across the board, through a single stylesheet, saving time and money. CSS is an important part of the Web Design game. It is not a code language that can standalone and therefore is used here as a complementary language (a stylesheet language most accurately). We use CSS extensively throughout our site here and many of the WordPress and Magento websites we build.

WordPress is a perfect Business Website Development solution

Business Website Development requires versatile, clean, integrated code languages that can harmonize to allow for a unique and specific experience for your clients and consumers that helps to improve the value of your brand and contributes to bottom line revenue. We take this idea a step further by saying that a website should almost never be simply a brochure for the business but a lead generation source for you in audiences you might not be able to otherwise reach the people who would become customers. We firmly believe that websites should not be expensive tools unless they provide something so unique and innovative as to warrant the additional cost. We believe that a business owner should be able to run their own website and keep it up to date if they desire. We believe that future-proofing is necessary. We believe that a website should be custom tailored to the business and the consumer base. it is therefore our reasoning, that best platform for business website development is the WordPress platform.

More than any single language as a web infrastructure, WordPress offers flexibility and customization potential that is necessary to define your brand and generate new sales and customer interactions. A WordPress website gives a business own the opportunity to be and do whatever they want on the worldwide web. We can customize an easy to understand platform like WordPress in hours and days, not weeks and months. For even the most demanding requirements of a small or medium sized business this saves time, money and resources. Not only that, even with the most customized WordPress sites, your custom business website development is supported by a robust community of coders and developers, such that you can function without the person who developed the site in many cases. That is so say: Even though we might customize the site to the fullest, you can still update it, upgrade it and manage it using just a little bit of elbow grease and knowledge-base.

We don’t want to downplay our legitimate skills and track record or success in site management ; we think there are hundreds of reasons why you wouldn’t want to separate from us once we’re done developing your WordPress Website. But the option is there. That’s a big reason why for custom business website development, WordPress makes the most sense for 99.5% of the business population.