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A product description is a multi-purpose and crucial part to the e-commerce success landscape. Without a hand crafted, quality, unique product description, the Search Engines won’t index you relative to peers, and your potential customers won’t get a feel for the product you’re offering. 

We write spectacular product descriptions. We have more than 500,000 product descriptions indexed in Google for clients of ours and on sites we own. To show up in the top 10 SERP’s for Google and other search engines, you need special product descriptions that cater to the offering and the customer. We can show you how good our product descriptions are – we have thousands of samples. We have probably written a significant amount in your industry. 

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Not all Product Description Writing is Created Equally

We are a world class purveyor of product descriptions for a wide array of industries (we generally focus on 12 industries, but our work speaks for itself – Request a Sample).

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Product Descriptions are Incredibly important because they are intended to do the following:


  • Serve as the frontline content in the customer view
  • Offer keywords and semantic context that can help the Search Engine crawlers index the product page
  • Help buyers make a decision relative to other market or shop offerings
  • Serve as the place where key attributes and characteristics can be showcased
  • Harmonize with all available variables, including the customer, the website, the category, the search engine, the product niche, and others.
  • You don’t get much space or time to make the right impression so every product description has to be a balanced powerhouse of information and sales copywriting, and still be useful in different areas of the customer journey

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We’ve worked with others in your industry before, and we are dedicated to understanding all there is to know about how to present the best copy in front of the customer at the time of a buying decision.

So much so, that we created more than 50 websites in more than a dozen different industries to ensure we can test product descriptions so we don’t learn on your dime. We spend a significant portion of our own marketing budget on internal data harvesting from websites we dedicate thousands of staff hours to each year. It means we stay ahead of our competitors and know when trends change and algorithms are updated. Before our digital agency peers. We offer this intel to you free of charge as our client, so you can benefit from a robust collection of proven theories and millions of data points we have collected over the years.

We also know how to craft all different types of product descriptions, because not every buyer wants to hear about products the same way. Some product descriptions need to be flowing and evoke emotion, while others need to be straightforward and practical. Most importantly, every single product description has to add value to the potential customer. You cannot afford to just hire some random agency to handle your product description. Credibility is built on the back of authenticity. Your customers will know a mile away if your product description is written by someone who doesn’t take the product as seriously as they do. It’s not always about “being sold”, customers want to convert themselves, but they need to know that you take their needs seriously. We can help you do that.

Not every customer wants a flowery, emotional, feel good product description, but some do want that. 

Some want bullet points, and short descriptors, and easy to understand statistics. 

Other customers want long, comprehensive detailed product descriptions to help them understand benefits and broader contexts, so they can get educated on a product. 

Every customer is different. That’s why we use data to drive concepts. We use subject matter experts to write your product description content, and we test concepts significantly to ensure that you get the maximum amount of ROI out of our work. 

We also have a quick learning curve. We are already considered experts in marketing, and we are experts in your industry, so we just need to learn how to work with you and together we can have a lot of success. 

If you have an E-Commerce store online and you don’t prioritize your product descriptions, you are leaving significant money on the table. Let us help you understand best practices, learn from our unique data driven insights, and get our creative touch on your store’s products. 

We are really good at what we do, so request a sample, and let us know if you think we might be a good fit. We don’t do high pressure sales and we know we aren’t a perfect fit for everyone, but we are also so confident in our writing, including product descriptions that we don’t have to be. We will let you decide if our work is good enough for your project or brand. We’re confident you will see how seriously we take your success in E-Commerce. 

If you are a marketer or a business owner that isn’t ready to pay someone yet to do work on their website. We get it. We are business owners and marketers too. We like having control over what happens on our websites and saving money where we can. If we cannot convince you to work with us in a client/agency relationship. We would love to have you consider us from a learning perspective. We produce content that can help you understand some of the ways we outperform for our clients. Please have a look and let us know how we can help along your journey. We aren’t jealous, and we produce this content because we love seeing hard working dedicated people achieving success online everyday.

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We can help you sell more product with properly designed product descriptions

We are expert crafters of product descriptions. We don’t need to try to sell you. Just request a sample. We are not a “hard sale” digital agency. We are a digital agency that prioritizes high quality work that’s it. You’ll either love what we do or you won’t – we won’t blow up your phone if you look elsewhere. Get a sample and see for yourself. We believe you will be impressed by our capabilities. You can even request a custom sample.

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