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Frequently Asked Questions About Cyber Security Services

Is Cyber Security really a necessary expense? I haven't been hacked yet.

That's the single biggest hang-up for well informed businesses - Cyber security solutions can seem like a liability, an expense, and an intangible concept. This is especially true, thanks to historically high costs of doing business safely - as enterprise solutions are expensive and broad ranging. 

You don't need to implement all the same solutions as larger enterprises. In fact, you may not even need a lot of what is in place for bigger companies, because of your size, location or the threats that exist for your business. SMB's don't necessarily have the same risk exposure and certainly don't have the high costs associated with traditional cyber security solutions. 

Yes, if you want a proprietary SIEM or SOAR, or you need enterprise hardware from premium providers that is going to have an associated costs. But there are a lot of open source hardware solutions, as well as simple, easy to implement security awareness training that can yield a lot of value for your organization. 

Additionally, if you don't have a ton of data, or physical or cloud infrastructure the costs of protecting that information and getting compliant with best practices may not be excessive. 

We have helped dozens of companies navigate this complex space when it comes to in-house solutions, and hundreds when it comes to their digital footprint. We have several turn-key solutions that are reasonably priced and ready to go now.

Where is the proof that I have threats at my door?

If you have an analytics team or in house IT departments, you can schedule an appointment to talk with us and them, and together we can uncover some of the concerns your organization may not even know about. 

We can perform a third party audit, if you aren't sure you have enough data about the threats. 

We can also show you verifiable real-world real-time threats to help you understand what is lurking out there. 

We can also walk you through the attack vectors that you have in your business or digital footprint. 

Simply asking a few questions, we can help you realize how easy it is to be compromised. 

If you need to test your existing security we can offer penetration testing. Though, we find that many small and medium sized businesses are not even implementing base level best practices for cyber security concerns - and that is a very good place to start before we get too advanced.

The threat is real, we deal with it daily, and we have specialty infrastructure set up to test solutions and weaknesses, so we don't have to allow our business clients to stay in vulnerable positions. 

Is it possible to economically combat cyber security threats?

Sure. There are economical solutions. But Security for your business data, digital assets, client information and general cyber security solutions are not a one-size-fits-all type of implementation. 

You need to know where you stand. When you have a good idea of the threats you are actually facing, and the foreseeable future road map, you can properly identify the best solutions. 

An example might be: Many WordPress Websites for small and medium businesses can have problems because they are on shared hosting platforms, or have servers set up improperly, or without security best practices. We offer managed hosting that can solve most of those problems for a fraction of the costs of rebuilding a web presence because you were hacked. But The small and medium sized business does not live or die by a WordPress website. In fact, it may not even be the best solution for many businesses - we build world class websites, and WordPress only fits for some of them. 

In another example, you may be in a sensitive industry that is getting a lot of aggression from hactivists or politically or ideologically motivated bad actors. Combatting someone with a fundamental drive to take out your company may not be easy. It can get expensive if they are dedicated enough, but it pales in comparison wit the costs of not combatting the threat. Let us help you fix these types of security issues if you are facing them. 

Yet another example may be that you have grown substantially, and you need help building a team to combat persistent threats. We can help you plan, meet framework requirements and get into compliance. It's what we do.

Got some amazing programmers that build a solution for your customers? Are they performing secure code review? Are they aware of best practices not only for the code language, but the endpoint inclusions, links and networking interfaces?

Growing and need help managing new onboarding and employee access? We can help you set up your active directory on Azure, or improve physical facilities security - we do this stuff at scale, and you can benefit from our costs of doing business, which are likely to be lower than yours as a "new" business looking for services. 

Why pay a dedicated $100k+ employee and become reliant on a single point of failure, when we can implement a foolproof plan to help you maintain bulletproof security for much less cost.

The long answer short: There is no single solution for cyber threats. So you need to know what you realistically face and plan for that, while looking toward the future to ensure that you have the right solutions within reach to combat threats as they evolve.

Why should I pick your agency to help me with cybersecurity?

We are a single provider for everything security, marketing, and web related for your small or medium business in Southern California. We can offer solutions that no other digital agency can offer. In fact, we are willing to bet that the extent of your current digital agency's "security solution" is a plugin for your website. 

That's not a sustainable or realistic security solution for your business. The cost of a data breach or a ransomware attack is significant. It can bankrupt a business in short order. Don't get caught off guard. 

We have the best trained staff of any Southern California Digital Agency. We are not a dedicated MSSP, or a SOC as a standalone service provider, but we offer competitive services that coordinate with our client's needs. We can, however, act as an MSSP, or a SOC solution for your business, or help you stand one up. We have credentials that are security specific and real world experience in combatting threats on the internet.

We are also a business consulting company. We know marketing, SEO, website development and other aspects that can help you succeed. Having a full solutions provider offers economies of scale and cross functional experience and knowledge that you cannot get with only a dedicated security firm, or a dedicated marketing firm. We provide complete solutions and we are more reasonably priced because we do not employ a large staff. We ONLY employ experts, and we cross train our low-turnover staff to understand how to provide full breadth solutions to small and medium business. We don't add payroll or unnecessary staff to serve clients and we build only the exact solution that makes the most sense for you. 

We have gotten very good at getting rid of frivolity and unneeded services. We can solve problems inexpensively through impressive automation and world class planning.

We are really good at what we do. Call us and get real answers to your questions, then compare the level of knowledge and experience with your existing service providers. We are happy to help, and would love to work with you. 

How much is this going to cost my business? Will I ever see an ROI?

We hate to answer a question without absolute confidence. But every solution is different. The costs are fluid in some circumstances, in real-time defensive work. The costs for hardware and software solutions range in price wildly. 

Here is what we can say: MOST SMB's don't' require tens of thousands of dollars in security solutions for their website and premises needs. Usually it's less than a few thousand dollars a year for the ongoing monitoring and servicing - at least for simple security needs. 

This can range upward. We can beat any service provider's price, and we will turn down work we cannot excel in. We may have to help a business by advising them on how to build an in-house solution because the threat is bigger than the company thought. This can be a larger initial cost. Sometimes we are not the right solution provider, even though we are a security centric provider. As such, we cannot comment on what a solution might cost from another provider. 

In a world where hardware can cost between $50-$75,000 USD for TCP/IP infrastructure on a per piece basis, we can offer exceptionally value oriented price points. We can usually also offer training and solutions that are one time fixed costs, if applicable. 

Simply put: Everything is variable and requires a baseline audit to know true costs. But we can offer better pricing than any of our competitors, except on some proprietary hardware solutions (we cannot control distribution channels or pricing for proprietary hardware solutions from name brand providers).

Many times, solutions can be made in the cloud, and costs of ongoing services, while potentially more than expected, are still usually quite reasonable; we can help you manage your cloud infrastructure to ensure that your costs are kept low. We can help train your team to handle the workload and we can securitize the setting and access as needed to keep you secure.


How hard will Cyber Security solutions be to implement?

Another intangible that comes with cyber security, is the non-economical costs of implementing a solution or multiple solutions. 

Generally, simple concepts like security awareness training can be pretty easy. A few long lunches on premises and some access to online resources can be cost effective and easy to implement. 

But employees don't like change. They are also focused on getting work done - they don't love pausing what they are doing to help contribute to security needs. 

It can be a bit hit or miss, depending on how well the implementation is planned. If it'd done right it can be quite easy. If it isn't it can be annoying. Still necessary, but annoying. We have done this a lot, and we have streamlined the process. We can implement impressive solutions quickly and without hiccups. We can also help to train your workforce and monitor the ongoing landscape to help ensure it is an easy process going forward, too. 

We tend to be a bit more blunt when it comes to realistic expectations because we'd rather under promise and overdeliver. Most of our implementations are very smooth.

There are no guarantees, but we do this frequently - we are prepared to improve the implementation process relative to industry peers. 

How can I learn more about these issues?

We have a blog category for this, that is directly relevant to small and medium businesses in Southern California and the 5 counties we generally serve locally. 

We will also update links throughout our security related pages (including this one) that go to third party resources that are considered world class. We do not profit from these links and they are there to help educate you.

One important third party link example might be the Mitre ATT & CK page.

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