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Technical writing is mandatory to rank within and excel in lead generation at the B2B level. Increasingly, it is being used with great results to carefully curated B2C audiences as well. everyone is an expert at something, and sometimes curiosity is what connects a business with an ideal potential client. technical content is an excellent way to get signups for marketing initiatives, curate and service long-term client targets, and to keep up with bigger companies that have larger budgets and more resources. 

But you don’t need incredibly robust resources to offer technical written content. We can craft technical content including white papers. manuals, training, documentation and internal writing. We have been doing this for a long time. We know exactly how not to created technical papers, high level conceptual content, and business to business content. We have failed forward on our own websites in the past, and built a robust team of professionals that allows us to craft some of the best content in the world for technical needs.  

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Not all Technical Writing from Digital Agencies is Created Equally

We are a world class purveyor of technical written content for a wide array of industries (we generally focus on 12 industries, but our work speaks for itself – Request a Sample).

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Technical written content for websites can be a game changer for service professionals. It is a unique and powerful way to market in a b2b capacity. It can also yield results for those trying to hyper target clientele that has specific income, education, proclivities and interests.

When writing technical content there are of course best practices, but to create a holistic solution for technical writing needs, can be very difficult. Outlines, marketing channels, evergreen content and long-term viability, getting enough expert opinion, or jsut interpreting the data is hard enough. But now finding a writer to format and make the information useable by the desired audience, and doing so for a realistic budget means that getting proper technical written content out to the public is extremely difficult even for very competent, large teams.

We use experts. We are experts. We are just experts who happen to be in digital marketing. Many of our leadership team enjoy high level positions in thought leadership in their chosen industry – we serve about a dozen currently at the highest level. So what you get when working with our team is someone who can not only author the technical papers you need, but understand how to utilize them properly, can can help you navigate the landscape while getting real ROI from the offering.

We recognize our expert may not be the perfect person to offer opinion, but the benefit of using our team is that we know how to ask the right questions, reverse engineer successful campaigns and help position your technical writing project to maximize deliverable value. Not a one-size-fits-all offering, technical written content for websites is a powerful option for those who have an audience that wants more than just the mainstream, or who wants to target a more sophisticated demographic.

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We are easy to work with. We have a high level of understanding on the type of work you do, and we have expertise in many facets of business, from compliance to legal, to human resources, IT, security, finance and accounting and more. Why does this matter? Because we help you produce a result that is ready for final proofing, not some document that needs another 6 months of re-working. We get how business works, and we employ experts in their fields. our management team can oversee a successful campaign with technical written content for your website because we have done so for dozens of businesses in the past year, with great success. 

We also help guide your in-house brain trust so the overall time commitment and timeline for the deliverable is reasonable and doesn’t’ take those key personnel away from important day-to-day tasks and operational needs. 

Call b2b or other technical written content for distribution through your web footprint a sales tactic, a brand building exercise. Whatever you need it to be, it can be more than just that. We are experts who can take a branding exercise into other profitable channels. We can use it for lead generation and long-term business development; to secure speaking engagements for key personnel, or as a way to get your sales team in front of decision makers. We can build what you need in your technical papers, but we can do it with less drama, and more success than any other digital agency. 

Multi-use, highly readable content that has a long-term viability is the ultimate written content for a business to business enterprise. And while we cannot categorically rule out the value of technical written content on your website for business to consumer use cases, we know the powerful magnet it can be to get sales revved up in b2b cases. 

Largely passive and very easily tracked for conversion, a technical white paper, business communication with highly technical information, or a case study for use as a marketing tool is an obvious core piece of content that can help establish whole markets, or improve hypertargeting of desirable clientele in almost real-time. 

We have the experience, the capability and the team to execute on your technical written content needs for your website, and other channels as applicable. 

We would love to discuss the possibilities with your team of experts and help you accomplish new sales records, new branding initiatives and showcase additional new value to existing loyal customers.  

If you are a marketer or a business owner that isn’t ready to pay someone yet to do work on their website. We get it. We are business owners and marketers too. We like having control over what happens on our websites and saving money where we can. If we cannot convince you to work with us in a client/agency relationship. We would love to have you consider us from a learning perspective. We produce content that can help you understand some of the ways we outperform for our clients. Please have a look and let us know how we can help along your journey. We aren’t jealous, and we produce this content because we love seeing hard working dedicated people achieving success online everyday.

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We can help your sales team beat records with properly designed and marketed technical written content for your website and beyond

We are expert crafters of b2b-specific, and technical written content. We don’t need to try to sell you. Just request a sample. We are not a “hard sale” digital agency. We are a digital agency that prioritizes high quality work that’s it. You’ll either love what we do or you won’t – we won’t blow up your phone if you look elsewhere. Get a sample and see for yourself. We believe you will be impressed by our capabilities. You can even request a custom sample.

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