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We produce bespoke content that is ready for production and is optimized to avoid concerns with your overall SEO goals. 

SEO optimized content is an important part to the process of getting organic visitors and lead generation on a website. Having content on page that caters to what a search engine user would be searching for means you have a greater likelihood of getting a click to your site and indexing for your chosen channels of SEO at work on your website. 

SEO optimized content has changed a lot since the early days of Google, and Google, not just because they have publicly spoken about SEO best practices, is inextricably tied to the rise of SEO as an industry. Businesses want to be #1 in Google SERPs. Period.

Content needs to make sense. It cannot be a jumbled mess of keyword after keyword with some hyperlinks in it. It needs to flow naturally, and be credible. It also needs to have a logical reader flow and proper knowledge being covered. It needs to be catering to the desired audience at their level. Subject matter experts in specific industries or specific concepts are great writers for SEO-Optimized content, because SEO best practices can be taught easily, but knowledge of in-depth industry nomenclature and concepts is not as easily attained. 

We work with a very large group of freelance writers in the industries we focus on. With more than 250 writers that are subject matter experts across 12 industries, we also provide the highest level of writer training and spend more on writer development than any other digital agency we have ever heard of.

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Not all SEO Optimized Content Writing is Created Equally

We are a world class purveyor of SEO Optimized Content for a wide array of industries (we generally focus on 12 industries, but our work speaks for itself – Request a Sample).

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Search engine optimized content is incredibly important because it is the only way you can sustainably and reliably rank in organic traffic measures, and it allows you to control the narrative when traffic arrives at your website, so you can convert on the traffic you desire.

Being able to hyper-target your desired community or audience gives you absolute control over who you engage with as a business. This gives you the freedom to control which profitable products you want to offer to users, and helps you to avoid building a difficult to handle business by avoiding costly engagements and hard to handle customers.

Beyond that, having the right SEO optimized content means that you can improve your bottom line passively after you have met cost of the content production. An evergreen supply of lead generation that, if done right, can provide many times the value of the costs, and will last indefinitely. While there may be some tweaks and changes needed over time, the general value of SEO-optimized content that is properly sourced, written and implemented is high for the long-term ROI.

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We write more content than the next ten digital agencies near us in Southern California combined. We white label SEO-optimized content for more than 100 digital agencies and employ a small crew of management level employees that are all cross-trained as content writers. It’s part of our DNA. We realized how important proper content was, and that AI (artificial intelligence) was not going to be a solution for 15+ years, and we provide a significant amount of quality content for brands you have heard of and small and medium sized businesses that want to compete with larger companies but don’t have the budget to do so. 

Our cross trained leadership team devised a methodology that could help us to understand the content needs of the industry (SEO), while catering to multiple industries (the 12 management members have differing experience in a variety of industries). We committed to spending more than any other agency to train our writers, and we agreed to be smart when it came to hiring employees to write content that needed to be best in class. We have wonderful employees, but we knew our content had to be written and envisioned by those with significant exposure to specific industries in order to compete with best in class offerings on the market. So we hire writers differently. We find experts, we offer them great money and incredible thought leadership and we train them to write better than any other experts in their field. Then we put them to work to deliver quality content for our clients. It’s not possible to consistently deliver bulk content at the rate we do, without this specific program in place. To do so otherwise requires too much editing oversight, wasted hours and return edits. Our clients offer changes to singular words and occasionally a sentence here and there, but the editing time is minimized. 

It’s how we can offer significant pay to our writers, while offering great baseline costs to our clients, and putting out human written, human edited content that not only indexes in search engines, but converts readers and builds loyalty for brands. 

We also did something else innovative. We built 50+ websites that allow us to try new concepts for SEO and content marketing and help us to collect data. Our portfolio is “hidden” to most viewers, but gets significant traffic, significant conversion, and it helps us to deliver uncommonly good results to clientele. We get information tested and theories proven  (or disproven) before we ever pitch a client. We learn how to sort out problems before they become problems for our clients, and we are able to ensure some level of success with methodologies, even in a changing world. 

SEO optimized content ranges from on page website copy that needs to convert, while retaining credibility and still needs to have value from a search query perspective, to ongoing marketing channel deliverables, like blog articles. 

We write content that includes natural, logical header content, and organizes content as it should be, which makes even some of the more technical topics easier to understand and more likely to index at a high level. From h1 to h4 (we rarely need to go past h4 to h5, or h6), we understand exactly how headings can help to structure content and provide some SEO value. 

We write in the most logical anchor text and the most logical linked pages, to ensure that the work on our client’s side is minimized – after all, why are you editing your agency’s work and paying them for the privilege of doing their dirty work? We deliver 100% production ready content. A quick read through, and you can instantly know if this is what you need, and put it online. We can also manage the uploading, formatting and insertion into your CMS or website platform. You just have to work with us to get us set up. Why spend more money than you need to? We are, after all, experts at building content, websites, development and coding – most of our team are hardcore security advocates and are certificated in cyber security realm.

If you are a marketer or a business owner that isn’t ready to pay someone yet to do work on their website. We get it. We are business owners and marketers too. We like having control over what happens on our websites and saving money where we can. If we cannot convince you to work with us in a client/agency relationship. We would love to have you consider us from a learning perspective. We produce content that can help you understand some of the ways we outperform for our clients. Please have a look and let us know how we can help along your journey. We aren’t jealous, and we produce this content because we love seeing hard working dedicated people achieving success online everyday.

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We can help you improve Lead Generation on all metrics with properly optimized SEO content that reads naturally, and indexes quickly

We are expert crafters of SEO content, from landing page copy, to blog articles to product descriptions and beyond. We don’t need to try to sell you. Just request a sample. We are not a “hard sale” digital agency. We are a digital agency that prioritizes high quality work that’s it. You’ll either love what we do or you won’t – we won’t blow up your phone if you look elsewhere. Get a sample and see for yourself. We believe you will be impressed by our capabilities. You can even request a custom sample.

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We use a hardcore cross-training methodology in the office. Our team is fully a management level group of professionals. Not salespeople, but experts in their given specialties from WebDev, to Content, to Security, to Networking, to Digital Marketing, etc. We cross train every single member of that team to be world class content writers. We also work with more than 250 content writers with Expert level subject understanding from more than a dozen industries. You get a whole team's expertise, by hiring us in just one of our core proficiencies. Such overlap creates ROI in real-time.