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We offer a unique blend of style, lead generation potential and ROI. From our gorgeous design work to SEO that actually works and our robust build quality, we offer designs that are fully functional, lead generating websites. View our Business Website Portfolio below:

Some recent website development projects by our team:







Visit our profile on them: ARMSCART

Armscart is a staging website for a large West Coast Firearms Distributor that sells wholesale to Dealers

A fairly straightforward website utilizing WordPress and Woo Commerce to offer data staging for a wholesale distributor in the firearms industry. E-commerce purchases are currently handled on a separate website utilizing Magento. This site is built using a hybridized two database system. This is an industry wholesaler not available to the public but the website features a well developed database and over 90,000 products in the catalog. It is hosted privately and does not feature prominently on google. Though our firm is responsible for content and have designed robust content management systems, it is not built for SEO. The company is considering moving into retail as well. We’ll gladly take the credit for the fantastic google SERPS when they do; as the amount of content and the sophisticated infrastructure would lend itself well to top ten rankings on a large majority of their search terms. Relative to most other firearms dealers, the portfolio for “ArmsCart” is particularly well developed. We are told the eventual goal would be to move to a fully Mangento install when it goes public, but have not yet been given a date for the project. We eagerly await the public debut of this prominent site.


Visit their website: www.milesofsmiles.net


MilesOfSmiles.net is the presence for two esteemed orthodontists operating in three cities in Southern CA

Drs. Tal Jergensen and Samuel Waddoups operate a very successful Orthodontics practice that was in need of more stability for lead generation as they continue to aggressively grow their geographical footprint in Southern Ca. Facing aggressive competition in a key city (Temecula), the Miles of Smiles team (Jergensen and Waddoups Orthodontics) wanted to improve on the template website they had. Utilizing a completely customized WordPress build with state of the art custom technology add-ons (you can see the special work we have done by visiting our page for their website technology on our site), the lead generation efforts have yielded fantastic results in less than 12 months allowing the company to continue to grow their geographical footprint and better service existing clientele, while adding bottom line revenue.


Visit their website: www.benjaminworthen.com

Visit our profile on them: BENJAMINWORTHEN.COM

BenjaminWorthen.com functions as one of our testing websites we use to determine viable content; advertising; code and server strategies to ensure our clients receive the finest service and marketing tactics

Installed as part of a cluster of websites in different styles, industries, builds and platforms to determine the best possible tactical marketing decisions for our clientele. We use this website to test and develop content marketing strategies; ad placement techniques, SEO work and optimization strategies. We also use it to test high end server settings and specific hardware software environments. It has several #1 Google rankings for interesting and competitive keywords that give it a moderate amount of traffic to help us test innovative ways of tracking results and utilizing analytics programs like Google analytics, Mouse click trackers and other programs. This website offers us unique insight into the competitive markets our clients are in and gives us the tools to show them results they cannot receive elsewhere.


Visit their website: www.currycopyhemet.com

Curry Copy Hemet is a full service local and regional print shop that services many thousands of customers

Curry Copy is a trademarked, franchised business model. This particular Curry Copy is owned by local residents in the Inland Empire. It serves one of the largest customer bases of any Curry Copy anywhere despite being positioned in a smaller community. The purpose of the website for this business was to reinforce their business footprint and attract new clientele through local and national marketing. This website works in conjunction with several other domains to employ a multi-site presence to enhance the web and physical footprint of the company. It lends credibility to new business clients who have never done business with Curry in Southern California, and offers a unique lead generation tool for a local printer to scale nationally. Curry Copy is a diversified printing, design, and marketing company with an impressive monthly volume of direct mail and direct to consumer campaign work for clients throughout the U.S.


Visit their website: www.easyadhemet.com

Easy Ad Hemet is the largest Advertising News Weekly in Hemet, California

Website overhaul for security and usability upgrades from a decade old ASPX build. The new website offers robust security, a classifieds feature, an easy content management interface and far superior UX/UI. Utilizing a far better build than the previous obsolete software, the new Easy Ad Hemet website should be good to perform through the next decade without substantial infrastructure improvement needed. It is built on a robust theme set, with proven plugins and code additions, made on a constantly updated WordPress Core. The simplest of maintenance is required to continue to use this website, allowing strong performance with a small price tag.


Visit their website: www.hisworkandglory.com

Hisworkandglory.com is a website used to explain doctrinal beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and for Stake purposes for the Hemet CA Stake of the Church. This is an unofficial website and is not affiliated with the Church except that it is utilized by members in the Hemet area.

Used as a training tool to help educate members in specific initiatives originating in the Hemet area. The site focuses on Missionary work, and provides general knowledge information about the beliefs of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This website is not an officially recognized site operating on behalf of the church, but it is used by members in the Hemet CA area. It features advanced educational features, custom coded plugins and add-ons and is used for data collection for dozens of users operating on behalf of the Hemet Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints. For official church information one should visit the official website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


Visit their website: www.diamondvalleydentist.com

Dr. Nathan Jergensen, DMD is a Hemet, CA based General Dentist

This website is an ongoing work in progress. Dr. Nathan Jergensen wanted a website that would grow with his growing practice. He has returned to Hemet, CA, where he grew up as a child and has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with. His dental philosophy offers an enhanced level of transparency; straightforward consultations, aggressive investment in premium technology and a staff that works as a family. Dr. Nathan Jergensen, DMD desires to build his local footprint and then expand to meet growing demand for dentistry that empowers patients to receive the highest quality of care by staff and a dentist that truly care.



Lisa Olivier Sorenson is a talented Singer, Songwriter and Arranger offering original music in the Christian and mainstream genres

Lisa Sorenson offers a beautiful mix of Christian and mainstream music with a unique sound and fantastic accompaniment. Her new website is ready to market her existing and future record releases as well as showcase her talent, appearances and the public persona she is building as a public speaker and musical talent. Her recent release “Staying power” is a Christian album with mainstream crossover songs that uplift with smooth jazzy undertones and a surprisingly mature pop sound.


Visit their website: www.raphabotanicalpharmacy.com

Visit our profile on them: RAPHA BOTANICAL PHARMACY

RAPHABOTANICALPHARMACY.COM is an online e-tailer that specializes in botanical extracts, natural healing and other natural medicine

Rapha offers premium extracts, medicinal herbs, natural medicines and informational content for those interested in utilizing treatments outside of western medicine. Dr. Richard Bradley is a doctor of natural medicine operating in a difficult online niche. This website has served as a lead generation and e-commerce solution to Dr. Bradley as he has continued to grow his web presence and client list. Utilizing an intuitive and easy to administer Woo-Commerce e-commerce solution, allows Dr. Bradley the freedom he desires to meet with patients while still offering the robust SEO benefits and blogging potential of the WordPress platform.

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