Case Study Furniture Content – Florida based ultra-high-end furniture specialist with multiple locations and globally recognized digital footprint

Problems Faced

An extremely squeezed timeline due to non-performance from another provider who could not match quality or quantity copywriting needs

Moderate planning and strategy required, with several directional changes from management on key content areas

Content creation required extensive previous brand exposure and industry understanding, even beyond normal requirements

On page sizing and character limits required nearly perfect copy balance and strategic use of sentence structure

Multi-agency interaction and manuevering to ensure deliverables for company

Solutions Provided

Product and Collection copy for one thousand products

Re-branding copy to meet an increasingly competitive landscape and help the brand cater to a discerning clientele

SERP improvements through a dedicated content program

Significant reduction in timeline, relative to other providers – prioritizing the company’s timeline, without compromising on content quality

Generation of content that not only showcased the brands, but often exceeded the global brand’s own efforts to highlight products, for a reseller – something few retailers ever achieve

Work Flow for this Project

We scheduled multiple planning meetings (more than a dozen) throughout the shortened engagement to ensure support could be offered at the highest level, and that the company’s exact needs were met

We worked under a non-disclosure and had access to marketing collateral that a normal content team would not have had

Frequent updates regarding content were at times a daily occurrence

We accommodated changes, often with multiple management team members in real-time meetings to give ideas and help structure creative flow. This flexibility provided a unique insight that both allowed us to include strategic talents in the creative process (company ownership and marketing professionals), and produce better optimized content for their specific clientele

Standout Results

We bid a project to deliver between 65-100k words, and delivered even significantly more words than that. Which, given code/architecture constraints, and need to deliver only perfectly optimized content, was an impressive feat. This allowed the company to cherry pick copy for existing pages, and use some for future needs, as well as providing significantly more opportunities for on page SEO and conversion optimization. Additionally it enhanced total value and Lowered overall content costs

While admittedly missing the soft deadline by several days, we still managed to complete the project in less than 1/6th the timeline the original agency bid, and beat the development team to the hard deadline, despite 16+ months of lead time relative to our content team

Provided world class content on multiple fronts that stood up to the scrutiny of company ownership – well known, well respected leaders in the furniture industry

Have a Similar company or need? Get Samples.

We work with more than 100 furniture industry companies at this moment, and have provided world class content to more than 1200 furniture clients over the years we have been in existence. Our level of expertise and ability to contribute meaningfully to a company’s content program is hard to match in this space. We invite you to ask for samples. If you want, we can also produce a custom sample for your needs. 

Previous work in the content space for furniture helped us connect with this world class furniture showroom

A referral brought a large content job to us because of some small blog article work we had done previously as a third party provider. 

The scope of this project was massive considering the timeline. The company: a well respected, long-standing Italian Contemporary Furniture retailer that has a flawless reputation in South Florida. This area is famous for their unique style and high end offerings in many industries, but furniture is a specialty, and there is even a design district that offers many global premium brands in a small geographical area. 

Furthermore, the company representative is a very discerning, extremely knowledgeable and well experienced marketing professional that understands the products they sell at a level that most customers will never approach. The standards for the copywriting and the need for an extremely consistent voice were of the highest concern. 

Even further, the timeline was constrained because the original firm tasked with copy had not been able to deliver on the tone or breadth of the copy to that point. So, instead of months or a year to finish copywriting for 1000 product descriptions and 45 unique pages, the timeline was about 2 months. Admittedly we had to extend a bit on the original deliverable timeline, and we appreciate the company’s willingness to work through that lengthened time of delivery. Ultimately our deliver date for the entirety of the content was still within the hard deadline parameters. A time extension is not a typical request for our firm, but we recognized the need for additional input on the client’s behalf from key personnel. We also needed time to recraft some small content samples that were not completely ready for prime time. 

Thanks to a very responsive company representative and a product that was inspiring and easy to write great copy for, we were able to deliver a full suite of product copy that established a singular tone for their new, very impressive website (we came late to the party and did not participate in the website development or the e-commerce development).

The biggest Italian Contemporary Furniture brands in the world – one of the finest retailer showrooms and a need for an absolutely error-free content solution

Focusing on brands like Arketipo, Porada, Gamma, Bonaldo, Clei, Cattelan Italia, Tom Dixon, Pianca, Midj, Oluce, and Fiam, we were able to create a value driven collection of content that delivers on conversion, tells a story unique to the company, the brands they carry, and furniture in general. 

We can provide samples of this furniture content writing project so you can evaluate our capabilities for your own need for furniture copywriting and product descriptions

You can request a sample of our writing for this project and see for yourself, the combination of strong, persuasive copy that also describes for the consumer, the essence of each individual highlighted product, but also conveys a professional, non-salesy feel. The resulting impact for the clientele of the company and brand image is a strong positioning within a community that regards authenticity and places attention to detail at the highest level. 

We write furniture industry copy. It’s a major part of what we do. We are among the best in the industry. We’ve even written copy for online and offline marketing assets for the brands themselves. We are trusted stewards of some of the most coveted brand marketing collateral in the entire market segment. We can almost guarantee you haven’t seen copywriting this good and this broad from a single provider in the space. 

The breadth and depth of our content writing program, and the unparalleled experience in writing for industry name brands means you get ROI every single time

We provided landing page copy, sales copy, blog articles, product descriptions, fun, edgy, interesting conversion optimization and even some SEO optimized content that is used to further dominate their market in South Florida. We are proud to work on some of the most well-respected websites in the space, and this is a great example of the fluidity of our offering in the furniture content arena, while still being able to show distinct brand concepts and voices throughout a broad line of products. 

You’ve seen or heard of the brands, products and styles we write about in this project, now see our copy that has been delivering on this major project for a highly respected company in the Miami area and beyond. We would love an opportunity to bid your project and help you find a value driven solution to your content and copywriting needs within the furniture, décor, interior design, or other affiliated industry. Our copywriting speaks for itself, do yourself a favor and explore our writing before you make a decision – we will gladly bid aggressively to save you total cost, and get you the content you need for online or offline work. 

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