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Want a WordPress Website? Here’s why you should choose us.

12 reasons we are the premium WordPress website designer

A WordPress Website means future-proofing is built in

WordPress has several core features that make it the most future-proof platform to make a website out of.

1. A WordPress website uses a platform that is open source and robustly serviced and maintained by hundreds of thousands of coders, developers and internet experts.

2. WordPress is used by millions of websites because of its stability, flexibility and plugin/add-on compatibility. In fact around 45% of the internet has recognized the benefits of the qualities of WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System)

WordPress as a website offers all that a small business would need to interact with clients, find new potential customers and showcase your business. A blogging platform at heart, it offers turnover of content, that ensures your viability is guaranteed if you take care of it. Search engine results factor in two types of content, “timely content” and “timeless content”. Timely content speaks to the idea that content is ever changing and that people are always looking for refined, updated information to get the most accurate picture of a given topic. Blogging allows for an easy way to produce and display timely content, or real-time content. Timeless content is also referred to as Evergreen content; WordPress is perfect for cornerstone content like the evergreen content we’re talking about. Pages and posts can both be utilized as cornerstone pieces for explaining your brand, company or mission. This type of content is very durable and rarely changes, utilizing facts and showing consistency.

WordPress offers a perfect shell to build a complete, functional website. It’s not going anywhere, it’s heavily supported and it has a robust industry built around it, allowing for amazing customization and an impeccable user experience.

The Proven Winner

Custom, not Cookie-Cutter

We can offer you a Custom Tailored WordPress Website

WordPress customization isn’t a special feat, per se. But doing it right is quite strategic and does take planning, dedication and technical know-how.

What does that mean?

It means that whoever builds your WordPress site needs to be able to adeptly juggle the different facets of a website so that when it goes live, it’s cohesive, usable and offers value to visitors, while having met best practices so it can readily be indexed and provided for in search results. This involves having a knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization), UX/UI (User Experience and User Interface best practices), and online and offline marketing. Each of these aspects involves hundreds (sometimes thousands) of smaller task lists and facets that require individual attention to ensure it is optimized fully.

Optimization is a good topic too, as it is often misunderstood. Optimization has several facets just like above. A couple are as follows:

1. General Optimization refers to best practices and standard technical deficiencies that must be accounted for. This is the science of Optimization.

2. Another aspect of Optimization is optimization for specific niches and sub categories within a sector or geo-location. This type of optimization is more the art than the science of optimization.

Optimization doesn’t just refer to search engine optimization. Content, user experience, sales funnels, pictures, videos and menu’s are all features of a website that can be optimized. When was the last time your web developer talked to you requesting input on the importance of your menu or contact form optimization. Its the difference between lots of sales and minimal sales. Traffic can be relegated to a useless component if you can’t convert that traffic once they are on site.

We are prepared to discuss these aspects, experienced in managing them and competent in delivering results by addressing them. In short: Custom built, fully optimized web experiences, not just a template website that becomes outdated in a year.

Not just a landing page, a full, usable WordPress Website

Too often, web developers, slick marketers, poor business people and con artists have managed to associate themselves amongst legitimate marketing and website development circles. This has led to low expectations or high premiums for good work. Don’t get us wrong, there are many talented, honest and successful SEO and website businesses that produce fantastic work. Often however, the price you pay, yields less than the expected results. We’ve had customers pay thousands of dollars for landing pages. More often than not, these were built on obsolete platforms and became unusable when mobile-optimization came into favor.

What does that mean?

It means you’ll have to replace the already expensive, unfinished work on your website to stay relevant, much sooner than you should have to.

We don’t do that to you.

You get an 8 page website standard. For a price normally associated with a 1-3 page website. Built on a future-proofed platform (a WordPress website), and with premium top-tier content provided. We also include forms and contact us pages as FREE add-on’s. That’s a 10-page website with content and graphical assets for the same price you’d pay for a tiny site without content!

Eight pages of indexable, unique, powerful content; stock imagery; menu integration, cornerstone content and internal backlinks as well as basic offsite optimization. This make a functional, usable and complete website for less than our competitors charge to do some minimal codework. We have clients with websites 6000 pages deep, and others with 5 pages, but each one is custom built to comprehensively serve their needs. Bear in mind, we don’t skimp. We want to keep you as a client for life. That means we need to over-deliver on every aspect of our business. We intend to.

A Complete Website

A Safe, Secure Website

Want an uptime and data security guarantee?

We host so many websites on the highest speed servers, optimized and secured for WordPress that it becomes economical for anyone to receive the same benefits without having to overpay for the privilege.

High speed servers with multiple daily backups; enterprise level security protocols and systems and multiple redundancy for uptime. It’s a “no-brainer”.

Because of the popularity of the WordPress platform, any WordPress Website can be targeted by hackers and those intent on stealing data, as they are focusing on the platforms with the largest footprints. To combat that, we use theming that allows core functionality upgrades to the WordPress installation and only use theming that is updated frequently enough to guarantee security upgrades. We also use Two-Factor login authentication and enterprise level passwords and encryption where necessary. If you’re at risk, we can know early on, because we monitor for brute force attacks and other nefarious activity and can easily shut down website access to the backend. This protects you no-matter how hard an attacker is trying to get at your data or take down your website.

In the (very rare) case of a major failure, you get the security of knowing that not only do we take a data backup daily locally, but also one in the cloud on a third party provider, with encryption, and several backups at the server location. Bottom line: If someone manages to take down your site, we can get you back up in minutes with renewed security. Here are the facts though: we’ve been hosting hundreds of websites for more than two years in our current environment and never had a security breach whether via plugins, WordPress Website core or server side. That’s an impressive track record. We’re looking to improve our security on a daily basis, from infrastructure to class wide installations to prevent hacking or breaches.

Our security protocols are above and beyond standard best practices. For extremely sensitive installations we can custom code a non WordPress website, or for a WordPress website in need of high level security we can provide multiple options for securing data and increasing physical and virtual security. We can even utilize static internet protocols to lock access to specific IP addresses, or add password protection through multiple layers of encryption. Your security needs can be met with our systems in place, just let us know your needs.

Google is Moving to Local results, shouldn’t you consider it as well?

Google, now a mature company in the public markets, needs to continue to grow revenue to keep their market capitalization high and investors happy. More than that, with the retail consolidation that has been in effect for the past 10 years, if you aren’t buying online as a consumer from major sites like amazon, or niche sites for specific products, you’re ONLY buying locally. It goes without saying, that Google’s logical move is to grab ad revenue by prioritizing hyper-local search results and offering premium placement for ad dollars.

What does that mean?

It means many of your competitors are going to be emphasizing local organic work on their SEO and websites, and that google will be approaching you for local advertising, at inflated rates. The truth is though, hyper local advertising commands a premium because it actually delivers compared to national branding campaigns in a relative way.

To make sure you maintain (or move up to) top Google placement (and other search engines), you’ll need to commit some time and effort to local SEO.

The initial work is simple enough, but the continual local linkbuilding and directory listing work can be tedious.

We can help with that. Not only do we do the basic work up front, but we offer ongoing local marketing packages to move you and keep you at the top of the local results.

Local SEO & Marketing

Basic Content Included

We are premium SEO writers.

You benefit from our value added services. Firstly, we are native English speaking, experienced writers, well-versed in website and sales copy. In Fact, most of our writing staff and editorial staff has been employed by fortune 500 companies as writers for web copy, print copy or other advertising medium. We DO NOT outsource content writing.

This can be an important part to indexing naturally. Our organic results are reliant upon the finest quality, purpose-built cornerstone content.

You get up to 8 pages of indexable, well written, easy to read copy. For E-Commerce websites we offer E-Commerce Writing Packages which can improve your portfolio of products’ search engine rankings. We ensure your website can index from day one, by including the complete, comprehensive word assets needed on each page of your site.

We don’t write for search engines per se; instead we write for transmission of information and for reading comprehension. Essentially we write to guarantee that the message of a given page, is given quickly and effectively to the reader, with an opportunity to read further, for those who are determined to hear every word.

Part of what we do is science and part is art. Writing is mostly artistic in nature, because it requires the experience of the writer and the understanding of algorithms as well as the best practices for advertising, sales or reading content. Our writers are artists.

To ensure we are constantly on track with our writing, we maintain several websites online to test theories and watch trends in the acceptance of the search engine algorithms of our web copy. This includes several types of writing. We test and maintain websites that specialize in general reading content; question and Answer content; trivia content; news reporting content; scientific writing styles; PR and marketing related content; E-Commerce product copy as well as many other styles. This helps us to know how our rankings are accepted over time and how effective the writing we do for your website should perform.

Everything works in harmony on your website

In an effort to be impressive, many web developers add numerous plugins and add-on code to websites, and in theory it could be impressive. But if it doesn’t work it’s not effective. We test, trial, develop and maintain plugins, add-on scripts and codes that work. We dump those that don’t, and we just simply don’t work with low quality development teams. We ONLY choose fully-functional, robustly supported and secure plugins, add-ons and code.

We ONLY use themes that are updated frequently. We always use child themes to ensure that core theme updates can be made in a timely manner. We always stay within 2 WordPress core updates (most often we are utilizing the newest core files as soon as we can verify they are safe for our custom work on-site). Often we are updating to newest core WordPress files the very day they go into effect. it improves security and allows the newest native features to work harmoniously.

We are constantly testing and trying to break coding, find flaws in plugins and test viability on search rankings. We have test/trial websites we maintain for just that purpose. Not just local websites like most web developers: WE USE LIVE, HIGH RANKING SITES for testing.

Furthermore we are constantly updating these sites in real time.

What does this mean?

It means we are experts at development on the fly. WE DON’T MAKE MISTAKES WHEN UPDATING SITES. We have multiple checks for spelling, grammer, coding, integration and functionality. We also develop on development specific websites and have GitHub resources to ensure that highly sensitive web assets can be developed in a more controlled environment. Nevertheless, we have experience in development in all environments and can usually have critical updates done in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Because of our wealth of experience and our redundant systems of development, we are a premium developer for your WordPress Website.

Seamless Integrations

Our Helping Hand

If you want to run your website, we’ll make sure you have the tools to do it

We prefer to manage your website and webpresence but we understand if you want to be in the driver’s seat. Because we find that some business owners like to get their hands dirty and work on their websites themselves, we have produced resources that teach you the process, help you to update and add content and generally manage your website.

WordPress as a platform does not have a difficult learning curve. It’s very intuitive and offers easy solutions through robust support communities around the web. However, when you work on combining branding, marketing, social media aspects and management of a content based website it can begin to be quite a task to manage. We do find some business owners that desire to have complete authorship and content management control over their websites, and we can position you to be able to do that.

Part of the learning comes in the consultative process, as we explain the different aspects of building and maintaining a website, where we try to be comprehensive. We’ve developed intuitive tutorials and resources that can allow you to learn WordPress basics and specific marketing concepts through study of our methodologies. This powerful bank of web marketing, WordPress and social media resources can be a valuable addition to our services as you forge ahead in charge of your own website.

Of course we’re always here to help you along the way if you choose to do it on your own. We are also keen on managing your site with regular input from you as the business owner.

Mobile-geddon was (sort of) a real thing; Mobile traffic is definitely a real thing.

In a continuously more connected world, we find more and more traffic coming from mobile devices, tablets and wearables. You should be aware of the benefits of building mobile-optimized architecture and the downfalls for not being proactive (or as the case is now: reactive) regarding mobile optimization.

With more and more people trying to find you on mobile devices, your content and especially your main landing pages for your WordPress Website need to be able to be pulled up quickly and efficiently via smaller devices with smaller processors and small screen resolutions. It’s not simply that people can view your site online, but whether it is as easy to use, intuitive and readily accessible as your full sized website offering.

For most, this means that you need a scaling website and content assets that are optimized for mobile usage. Most small businesses don’t have the budget to make “mobile-first” website builds from the ground up. This requires flexible theme architecture which can use a grid based system and sizes the content assets based on the unique device calling up the page. Asset minimization and caching options need to be prevalent too; you must make it clear that you have taken the approach that your code footprint and the assets you’re asking a normal web or mobile browser to serve aren’t selfish or unreliable.

Part of mobile optimization is a philosophy and a commitment to producing, clean, fast, code and serving it responsibly. It can impact your search rankings and make your customer experience significantly improved. It’s a win-win, especially for server intensive web experiences, or businesses with customer experience at the forefront of the front end of their website.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Actionable Intelligence

Data collection, Analytics and further user optimization

Everything we do is about conversion and return on investment. We don’t get traffic for traffic’s sake. We get you traffic to get you sales. We don’t make forms for gathering information; we make forms to help your customers opt in to giving you their important information to help you improve their experience with your company. We don’t install analytics to simply tell you how many visitors you got during the last week. We install analytics to further optimize the different channels of marketing and the website experience, and to figure out shortfalls in the conversion process to make you more on your bottom line.

In short, we install the tools that will give you enough information to make informed decisions, and we have the potential to harvest volumes of information about your users and their needs. We can grab information about specific users as well as macro information, which can influence how you present your website, brand or marketing to future users. We do this in a way that does not violate the privacy of your users, and which still offers actionable intelligence to you as a business owner.

We can even install mouse tracking, heat-mapping and form funnel optimization programs if you desire to make heavy investment in conversion rates.

Of course the standard offerings like Google Analytics and other traffic based analytic programs are installed into every website we produce. We can also teach you to run the data collection and analysis on your own if you desire.

Changes made with real data backing the decision, offer you a better chance of success and prove your commitment to your consumer or visitor, furthering their connection to you and your credibility in their eyes.

We’ll build you a Comprehensive, Lead Generating WordPress Website

Nothing overlooked, nothing skimped on. We make your website a legitimate web presence and we back it with our security and management features on an ongoing basis if you choose to work with us after development. We don’t just lay down code to produce something you like aesthetically. WE BUILD REAL LEAD GENERATION PORTALS. Our websites grab organic visits. Many companies promise this benefit, very few deliver. We charge the same or less money, and we build traffic generation into the websites we produce. No website can be made once and left alone and expect to return on investment in perpetuity. We are upfront about this and we do all we can to make you site a standalone entity capable of lasting may years into the future.

What we do is we go above and beyond best practices. We charge you less to do it, because we have developed systems and platforms; internal best practices and ideologies that allow us to charge less, because less human hours are spent on the process. We don’t charge you for research and writing because it’s in our best interest to know your business and impress you with our content. We don’t charge you for licensing or add-on fees (generally) because it’s in our best interest to offer you these as value added pieces of the project. We want you to be our client in 15 years and beyond, so we go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with what we have built for you.

We are continually growing an improving our cost basis for services. Even though you might be new to us and don’t know our costs are being reduced each year through scaling up and improving technology, it doesn’t mean you should be negatively affected by it. We adjust our cost basis and factor that into our quoting as we grow. Our improvement means improved ongoing pricing to you. Our continual development and scaling up in size appropriately, means benefits financially and practically, to you.

Forget about how great your website looks if it does nothing to improve your bottom line, your customer acquisition costs or your overall financial gain. We build web experiences that improve customer retention, bring organic lead generation and traffic and ensure easier sales for your team. We build websites on WordPress that impress.

Lowest Cost Fully Functional Websites