Website Management

Website Management as an ART and a SCIENCE

Why choose us for Website Management?

We think you should consider our firm for your website management because: You do what you do & we do what we do. Each of us, experts in our own field. Each of us ready to meet the rigors of our respective fields.

It’s quite simple. We eat breathe and sleep websites, social media marketing and search engine optimization. Business Consulting runs in our veins; business acumen we carry with us forged in the furnace of small business survival. Hardware building and technology installation are second nature to us because we have done it for hundreds of different applications in dozens of industries, including our own bulletproof builds.

You don’t go to a golf instructor for a heart valve replacement. You don’t go to an auto mechanic for tips on how to tune a violin.

We manage websites for our clients that want to focus on what they do, and reap the benefits of our years of focusing on what we do. It’s ultimately less expensive, more valuable and offers less stress and better return on investment than in-house management. We learn your business, as if it were our own, so you can trust all of our decisions are based on our experience and your needs. We also take your input and work under your directives as you desire.

Dedicated Professionals who learn your style, your brand and your company culture and take it to the next level on the web.


Website Management as an Art:

Website management can be an enigma for some. Some industries defy basic web logic. Some businesses are ready to take on the behemoths of their industry and need to navigate uncharted territory. Enter the art of web presence.

Some things cannot be understood simply through technical terminology. For instance, content and virality cannot be produced via algorithms, even though we’ve come to expect algorithms to determine their value. Not all Search Engine Optimization comes from simple checklist items.

Weaving a tight, cohesive brand throughout the internet and into your offline platforms and programs requires an understanding of how to weave, but it also requires artistry and diligence.

Furthermore, our ability to pinpoint inefficiencies in forms and UX/UI can help you from day one. That type of work is rarely technical, and always an art form. We can do that with aplomb.

We know how to adeptly navigate the stormy sea of ever changing algorithms, consumer appetites and trending to bring you a solid, stable growth pattern that’s built with truly artistic underpinnings.

Website Management as a Science:

Some things are purely technical. But checking your progress and maintaining your placement requires constant monitoring, expensive tools and the ability to find the harmony between the truly technical and the equally important artistic and creative endeavors that the best marketing and web presence requires.

Why spend the money on in house employees that may or may not have legitimate track records, only for them to tell you the litany of expensive tools and platforms you need so they can do their jobs. We aren’t saying forego your valued employees – we’re saying, forego unnecessary expenses and come to the source, where we already own the tools, have the training and expertise and can devote the time to doing work for your brand and your bottom line.

From semantic indexing to technical SEO, to ensuring your redirects are all in line, we know what it takes to avoid crawl errors, drops in SERPS and search engine placement and we can make your site easier to use for your consumers.

Titling, meta-data, search engine optimization and headings can affect SEO, but so can site speed, spyware and inconsistencies in code. Web standards change rapidly. Make sure you are being penalized for poor coding, bad communication or simple oversights. From Image Optimization to disavowing poor backlink partners, we do technical SEO and we make sure it stays within best practices as you grow. It’s why we’re the perfect partner for website management.

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What is necessary for effective website management

  • Technical SEO needs to be in order
  • Content and creative SEO factors need to be refined and organized
  • User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) must be spectacular
  • Inefficiencies and inadequacies need to be identified before they impact search results or branding in a negative way and rectified properly
  • Site load times need to be quick and utilize browser, caching and archiving best practices
  • Lead generation needs to be in harmony with company offerings and the sales force’s requirements
  • Systems need redundancy and backup plans must exist
  • Proper technology must be utilized for best experience
  • Constant monitoring and tweaking to ensure the best harmony between technical and real world aspects
  • You need to understand how these aspects affect your business and your brand and your bottom line.

This is a shortlist of items that need to be optimized for efficient website management, but it’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ever-changing web atmosphere. Look to us to help your company succeed with web presence, user experience and search placement. After all it’s what we do best.