Social Media Management for Improved Conversion

Building legitimate search engine rankings now requires some interaction with social media (for a vast majority of industries and segments). It's also been proven that social media followers and friends are multiple times more likely to convert than simple ad driven or organic traffic. WE KNOW SOCIAL MEDIA. We've got talent working on our team that has written tweets, posted Facebook updates and taken Instagram photos viral for brands including John Hancock, AFLAC, Jamba Juice, multiple sports stars and celebrities and some of the largest brands we can't name (according to our non-disclosure agreements), but we assure you they're impressive. Our sweet spot though: is providing great content, consistently for brands that want to connect on a human level with their consumer base, and find new passionate fans and friends along the way. It doesn't matter if you're a dentist or a baseball player, we can help you grow your following.

View Our Social Media Management Packages

Our Basic Social Media Management Plan offers you a head start on your competition

We claim as many social media profiles as you desire, writing spectacular copy for your business (or you personally) and adding appropriate pictures to ensure your profiles shine. We create proper backlinks; archive the information and make a master list of logins. We include three pieces of social media content as part of this package as well.

Our Weekly Social Media Management Plan Guarantees your business has a solid footing even if you don't add any content yourself

We write a piece of content for your social media profile for each week. Our content is tailored to your unique situation and we know social media better than anyone. We have a history of going viral and it just takes once to grab a large share of customers. We also build you a steady, solid following of potential consumers as we go through proper management of your social media profile. Pricing is per account per week.

Our Daily Social Media Management Plan let's you avoid the extra task of running a legitimate social profile

We write a piece of content for your social media profile for each day 365 days a year. We manage growth on your account attracting new friends and followers. We write incredible content that frequently goes viral. Our content will easily build followers on its own, but our management leans towards heavily increasing your natural following as we manage it. Pricing is per account per week.