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We offer a full suite of services to jump-start or subsidize your direct traffic. Our Paid Marketing Consulting and services offer a solid Return on Investment

Paid advertising has no equal in certain situations. When you need to be in front of consumers paid advertising offers a guaranteed audience. There are however, issues with paid search marketing nowadays. It isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

What are the issues with Paid Search Marketing, PPC and Google Adwords?

Saturation of the keyword by untrained associates and new marketers is a huge concern. It takes keywords that shouldn’t be expensive and makes them 3-4 and sometimes even ten times more expensive than the bid should be. Inexperienced campaign managers often don’t know how else to compete: they make less than perfect ads, which score low on internal scoring models that push up the cost, and when they aren’t getting the conversion they’d like on the bad ad composition they are pushing, they increase the bid amounts. Over time, this makes bid levels exorbitant.

The lack of cohesive, holistic ad campaigns across the entire marketing spectrum for companies causes a general dilution in valuable ad streams in the market. Not utilizing key principles to ensure a diversified marketing channel strategy costs businesses money.

Managing multiple accounts, with multiple platforms, and analyzing data efficiently is a big job. It’s not quick and it requires trend data that short term bursts and inexperienced analysts just can’t provide. In order to succeed in PPC or other paid marketing initiatives, a business needs to dedicate a plan, adequate resources and timely analysis combined with hedges to ensure bad investments do not sink the ship.

Why does PPC, Google, Bing, Yahoo and other paid search marketing including Facebook, still make sense?

Facebook is a great form of advertising, due to it’s large, expertly curated demographic, even though it’s typically been sheltered under the new media term: Social Media Marketing. Utilizing cheap ads targeted by keywords, likes and preferences and geo-location offers a unique balance to an overall PPC and paid Search marketing campaign.

Google Bing and Yahoo all cater to a different type of searcher and internet user. All of these platforms can offer unique channel possibilities for any company, product or service, whether they are advertising to build the brand name, sell a product or promote their newest service. Different pricing, market saturation and exposure levels offer a diversified approach to Paid marketing and gives your business an advantage if you can utilize the platforms to their full potential.

Pay per click, whether it’s on a closed ecosystem like Amazon or another E-commerce giant, offers a unique way to ensure you receive targeted traffic to the right areas of your website. Sure, you pay a bit more for targeted clicks, but you receive a buyer who knows what they want and given the proper conversion optimization and brand building, the ratio of closure can be quite high.

Our PPC, Paid Search Marketing Model

We offer low service fees as a management consultant, with retainers for budget or you can handle the payment of actual ad costs. We also offer robust reporting features and recommendations, a dedicated representative and guaranteed integration with your other marketing platforms. We never touch your ad money, our fee is separate and super competitive.

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We are Local but we’re also a National firm growing aggressively:

We are local to Southern California in that: it’s where we made our start. San Diego and Los Angeles Counties have long been our stomping grounds.

By default, we happen to know a lot about the surrounding areas, and we happen to be the premier provider of PPC, Paid Advertising, Google Adwords and Paid Search firm in Inland Empire, Orange County, Riverside County, and the surrounding areas.

We have recently begun an aggressive growth strategy with physical locations starting in key cities where we have a breadth of clientele. By the end of 2020, we expect to have staffed offices in 6 major cities focused on building your brand and catering to your needs as a fully National firm with strongholds in key markets. Have a specific local need in moderate and large cities in the United States? Call us to discuss our options.

Services other than PPC and Paid Search Marketing that we offer:

We are not solely a Paid search Marketing firm, though we would bet the house finding another firm that can prove $14 return per $1 spent across their last 15 major campaigns (totaling more than 4 million dollars ion the direct traffic paid search marketing arena) will be very hard to do.

That’s why we get the business we do in Paid Search Marketing: we deliver results and we never overpay for keyword placements.

We also offer a full suite of web development, marketing, SEO and Advertising services. We offer a FREE Google Local Consultation that can lead to immediate improvements in your local presence online.

We also offer IT and Web Hosting services, Business Consulting and Social Media management.