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Marketing for your Endodontic Practice

I am a General Dentist

Marketing for your Endodontic Practice

I am a Orthodontist or Dentofacial Orthopedist

Marketing for your Endodontic Practice

I am a Periodontist

Marketing for your Endodontic Practice

I am a Oral Surgeon or Maxillofacial Surgeon

Marketing for your Endodontic Practice

I am a Pediatric Dentist or Pedodontist

Marketing for your Endodontic Practice

I am an Endodontist

Marketing for your Endodontic Practice

I am a Geriodontist, Prosthodontist or other Specialist

Marketing for your Endodontic Practice

I am a Dentist specializing in Sleep Medicine

Dental Marketing for the Practice you've been working for

Dental Marketing comes in a thousand flavors, almost exclusively bland and generic and not entirely effective.

We provide custom designed Dental Marketing platforms and programs built specifically to take all aspects of online and offline marketing into account and built from data to drive real-world results. We specialize in building practices locally and center out, while also catering to a national footprint with content that drives traffic and conversions. We believe that being comprehensive and dedicated to the success of each of our clients directly allows us to secure their success online.

It's why we are confident enough to turn down similar business in the same market. When we perform dental marketing for a client, we don't do it for another dentist in the same market area. We establish long-term, effective; beneficial relationships with the dentists and specialty dental providers we work with. And we stay conflict free.

We have over 100 test websites, dedicated to testing the intricacies of everything from the hosting to the client outreach to social media and SEO. We know the industry better than any other marketing firm, and we aren't full of ourselves. We don't only market for the dental profession, but we are the only marketing firm dedicated to building your practice as though it were our own, with the experience and capabilities of making market leaders out of any practice.

Dental Marketing for General Dentists

There are thousands of marketing firms dedicated to Dentistry clients: some all inclusive some very niche. None of these dental marketing firms get the job done. Sure they have some success. But in the long term their methods are tired, generic and alienate the patients you're looking to add to your client book. We do it differently. Nothing we do is cookie cutter, because what happens to work in St. Louis, doesn't always work in San Diego. What makes mother's with 4 children decide to work with you as a General Dentist might not be the same catalyst that it takes to land a 49 year old man with a dog.

We are just sorry to see the lack of creativity that exists in dental marketing in general. We think it's about time to make it better. Well, we just did. We make nice with potential clients and make you an irresistible choice among a sea of dentists on every corner. When you work with us, we consider your practice as though it were our own. We use our data, your data, and proprietary industry data to craft bespoke programs, service offerings and marketing tools to convert and retain brand evangelists. Your patients help us do the rest: once they're convinced we help them share your brand experience and help you convert more and more patients.

Dental Marketing for Orthodontists

General Dentists have thousands of marketing firms stalking them at all hours of the day. These same "marketing firms" say they are the perfect fit for your specialty Orthodontics practice.

Ask the representative that calls to pitch you, what the difference between a Rapid Palatal Expander and Acceledent. Here's the thing: They won't know the difference, because they don't know your practice, they will not have researched your company or background, and they are selling a cookie cutter, boiler plate system that one, does not target the proper type of client for you and two, caters to a general dental practice.

Orthodontists need creative ways to market Invisalign; they need a dedicated marketing firm that can rank for keywords like "Damon Braces", "Lingual Braces", and they should know how to market for (Occlusion) related concerns and Craniofacial Disorders (like cleft palate).

Orthodontists, like other specialists need specialty marketing. They need to know that the people marketing them aren't hacks. The dental marketing industry tends to be full of generic, underwhelming propositions, don't fall for them, get the patients you need to fill the seats your office supports.

Periodontists need great Marketing too

Sure, you've spent years getting to where you are, with those nice referrals from general dentists and specialists. Now it's time to grow your practice more; time for real investment and maybe adding another doctor; adding an office, adding a day; adding a patient slot. it doesn't matter why you want to expand, it matters that it's possible and you don't need to waste time sifting through patients that are wishy-washy or don't have their paperwork in order. We can ensure you have legitimate, appropriate patients lined up for periodontal treatment; that they know what to expect and that they have their insurance in order. We can improve existing relationships with referrers and increase that pool of referrers, while building your brand to help as you hire new staff and take on new geographical markets.

We are in the business of knowing your business. It's why we take the time to understand non-surgical treatments for conditions like Gingivitis and more serious bacterial infections which can lead to bone loss and progressively deeper pocketing - making patients susceptible to bacterial concerns and bone loss. We really do strive to know your practice as well as you do, to take it to the next level.

Marketing for Oral and Facial Surgeons

From SARPE's to Orthognathic Surgery, it takes a legitimate firm to be able to effectively and comprehensively market your practice's procedural mix. Basic, generic dental marketing programs don't help find the types of clients you want, like multiple extractions, bone grafting, corrective jaw surgeries and facial trauma and reconstructive patients.

"But a majority of our business comes through referrals..." sure, we get it. Here's why it's important to not only market for clients and your brand, but also to other dentists, referrers and industry contacts. We can navigate the complicated landscape for you, to improve the footprint of your brand and improve your credibility in the eyes of patients while highlighting the benefits of working with you as a surgeon.

Stop letting all those extractions go to other dentists, and start putting more implants in as a recommended implant specialist. Get your name and your brand out there properly and with an assertive posture. We've got history delivering for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. What "dental marketing" firm can say that?

One last point: You did find us online. We can make that happen more often for you. If that isn't a strong case for considering us, we don't know what is.

Pediatric Dentistry is growing: Get the right marketing firm to put yourself comfortably out of reach of competitors

Pediatric dentistry is a growing specialty and many of the older doctors are moving into retirement. We have assisted in numerous practice buys and helped to transition new doctors into great patient lists. Here's the concern: great doctors are proactive, aggressive and smart, and marketing budgets are growing for pediatric dentistry. It's a problem because it means this facet of the dental industry is somewhat saturated in many markets.

Here's why we can turn this little concern into a win for you and your practice, and ultimately your legacy. We are better than the other guys getting hired to market the other pedodontists and pediatric dentists. We don't just apply some simple program that anyone with an internet connection can concoct, we build super-sophisticated winning strategies that don't require sophisticated implementation. We build avenues for you to find soccer moms with kids who need dental help; we build ways to connect with your core patients and their guardians. We help you transfer internet seekers into paying clients that last essentially from cradle to however long you decide to practice. It's a win for you, and your clients.

Endodontic Marketing: Where it all began for our foray into the Dental Marketing Field

We love the idea of seeing our firm come full circle having entered into the dental profession (as a marketing agency) with an Endodontist client; now offering such a robust portfolio of Dental marketing and specialist platforms.

The same way we know it's important to keep reinventing your marketing style, we know it's important to keep evaluating clients on a case by case basis to ensure when we go to bat for your practice, we come out ahead, having delivered a clutch win. When we market a practice in Endodontics, we have to be sure that we separate them from the pack; not only in the marketplace of potential patients, but when it comes to referring doctors too. Patients often don't get to make the choice who they are referred to; they just accept one or two choices given by their general dentist. It's our job to ensure you're one of those two choices for more doctors in your area than any other Endo. it's also our job to make sure that confidence is inspired by what people read about you, hear about you and happen to think about you whether they read it on the internet or get it from their brother-in-law.

Root canals seem to have s certain stigma attached. Leave that stigma to your competitors to figure out. Get past all the concerns that normally come from marketing the specialty of Endodontics - work with a firm who has it all ironed out through experience, data and technology.

Specialists like Geriodontists and Prosthodontists need Marketing too

Consumers are finding and contracting service providers and specialists differently than they used to. Gone are the stereotypical jokes that Grandma and grandpa can't use a computer well enough to find a specialist for bridges and implants; noble metal work and the other types of services they need and prefer. Finding a proper specialist for major facial work and structural repair isn't easy. The decision process is a long one; patients consult often times with multiple doctors before they determine how to research a specialist. They go back and forth weighing credibility and image; credentials and connections. They look at reviews and patient experience and reputation and affiliations.

Winning clients means being immaculate online and being impressive when it counts. Closing them is what you've trained all your career to do. Working together, we can help you improve your revenue through new client acquisition and by putting you at the center of a pristine brand and web footprint.

Sleep Dentristry; Sleep Medicine that relies on Dentistry and sleep Appliances need expert marketers

Because of the increase in sleep apnea information and web marketing, finding truly qualified and experienced sleep dentistry practitioners and those who can utilize a dental background to diagnose and treat apnea and other sleep medicine concerns related to airways and jaw/facial structure. You need to stand out from the second tier pack, who already realize they don't have the educational or clinical experience to compete with you; and have thus relied on heavy marketing budgets (and longer term digital development than you).

Sleep Dentistry is a value add to a large portion of the general population; therefore representing an excellent opportunity to benefit from an appropriate marketing campaign. There are opportunities to exponentially increase patient intake with proper SEO, advertising, online and offline marketing and promotional work in these several specialties. The way to improve the patient acquisition to this level involves partnering with a serious; well positioned firm to guarantee the proper practices and placements are within reach; we are that firm. There is no other that knows this industry and understands how it plays online and off.

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