Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing for the Real World

Remember how bad “Internet Marketing” used to be? We Do. Have a look:

Bad Internet Marketing from a long time ago.
Bad Internet Marketing STILL ON THE INTERNET!

The old school way to internet marketing was a black mark on web history.

We have strong opinions about Internet Marketing. Firstly, internet marketing is not a neat tidy package that fits under a small umbrella. Internet marketing is a wide and fluid organism that has many facets and creates a rabbit hole, down which, many business owners frequently fall into and get hopelessly lost.

In the wild, wild west of the internet (which was only a few years ago really) you could throw something at the wall and hope it would stick, and often it DID stick. Remember the rise and fall? There were companies that got billions in funding, and never even turned a profit. Remember the cheesy banner ads we used to allow on our pages? Reds and pinks and blues and greens; flashing signs to tell us all what to do. Thank goodness for CSS3; HTML 5 and the little bit of class we’ve managed to find in the recent years. We can’t begin to express to you how thankful we are for coordinated colors in web theming.

Just look at those egregious banners above to see how far we’ve come since the heyday of “internet marketing”.

NEWSFLASH!! The heyday of internet marketing is NOW!

There is no better time to take advantage of the internet marketing value that exists. Costs have become reasonable; ridiculous spammer types have been culled. There are passive moderation schemes in play (think the Google algorithm). Furthermore, everyone who owns a business is either preparing to build a website or already have a business website.

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Internet Marketing for the Real World

Internet marketing can come in (*and be manifested in) many forms:

We prefer Organic Traffic.

Organic Traffic means traffic that comes from internet marketing that targets keywords inserted into the ambient environment. At its most basic form, organic traffic is a result of optimizing for, and providing value to a user of the internet who might come to your specific corner of the internet by finding your content in a search engine. In the past, when the internet was not so flooded with websites, it was easier to stand out for specific keywords or strings of keywords. But the modernizing of the best search engine algorithms has made keywords themselves somewhat obsolete. At least in the most basic form. When there were only a handful of websites talking about internet marketing (now there are millions), I could literally just cram words that might be searched for in a search engine onto my webpage, and people would come: to read, to buy, to learn.

Now, there are complex approaches that often take months to yield real results. The algorithms online require credibility, best practices, good resources, excellent presentation and constant improvement. In short: it requires knowledge, experience, flexibility and time to achieve lasting organic search traffic. It’s still our favorite method of internet marketing because it is low cost, highly targeted and produces more dollars in value than any other methodology.

We’re really good at Pay-per-Click and Google Adwords

Ad placements on the internet through search engine placements can be exceptionally valuable to business owners. It can also turn into a very big loss for the uninitiated. Essentially Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Placement ads like the most popular platform Google Adwords, is placement of your ad, with a matching keyword to the actual search result. For example: if a consumer types in the words “Buy a custom website” into a google search, those who are bidding for that keyword through the bidding system of Ad-words, get placed in front of the consumer. Because of what we know about internet searches, people are looking for information, or results that deliver to them what they desire. In this case they seem to desire buying a website, or work with a firm to develop a website. Even though there are perfectly good organic results, if the ads that are placed above the organic results are better received, then the consumer chooses the advertisement. Google gets paid whatever amount that bid turned out to be, and the consumer clicks through to the landing page where they can either convert, or not.

We’ve managed to get more than 13 times ROI on many PPC campaigns using the venerable Google adwords platform. That means that for every $1 spent, we returned $14 dollars in sales through our advertising campaign. We think that is a fantastic ROI for Google adwords. We find pay-per-click and search engine ad placements to be quite an effective means of internet marketing.

Display Ads from other websites can be effective tools for internet marketing of your business.

Some websites just have great followings of people that you might be interested in. For instance, we think a good place to advertise for web marketing is on forums and websites that talk about the ancillary aspects of our industry. Some portion of the people who are there are searching for more information. If our ad caters to their dilemma, our chance of conversion rises exponentially. We can identify good internet marketing opportunities through this methodology for your business. With millions of websites catering to virtually every niche, we can find the best of the best and negotiate valuable advertising packages for your business.

Affiliate Marketing is a very effective methodology when done properly, especially for hard goods or digital goods.

Affiliate marketing utilizes other, well developed (ideally) websites to market you goods or services. In turn, the promise of a good percentage of commission in exchange for the placement of your goods with a customer they find. Affiliate marketing works best when there is a hard good that is tangible, but you can structure services into an affiliate placement- albeit with more specific measures and details on compensation. Amazon has been a huge proponent of the affiliate concept. They give an incentive for conversion at a rate starting at 5%. Meaning if you place an ad for them free of charge, and customers come to them to buy products, you receive 5% of that (or more) purchase in the form of a commission. The same type of internet marketing can be done for your business. Finding new customers at lower cost than traditional advertising makes this a very interesting form of internet marketing.

Social Media Marketing and other web 2.0 methodologies

Social Media Marketing is the most hyped up type of marketing because it’s virtually cost free at its core, and it presents passionate, engaged customers ready to buy through affiliations that seem natural and promote communication. But it is also a vastly misunderstood and poorly carried out form of internet marketing by many business owners. Much in the way that some business owners think that just owning a website produces results; they think just being present on social media platforms or channels will yield results. Truly effect social media marketing requires genuine effort, credibility and fast reaction times. it requires an integrated but sufficiently stand-alone plan from your ordinary website marketing. We have a very good history of success in Social Media Marketing and management, but we are still learning everyday how to improve the conversion rates, and we are constantly adding to our best practices across platforms.

Web 2.0 refers to dynamic content and that can be seen as properties like yelp and google reviews becoming an interactive part of how our businesses are viewed online. It means that dynamic experiences about our business are being served up to consumers thereby affecting the interaction with our businesses. Review platforms, interactive web applications and the convergence or dynamic experiences characterize the web 2.0 concept. We saw the earliest benefits from an internet marketing perspective, by the results that carried through, once we were engaging and interacting with these types of experiences. It yielded more credibility to our cause if performed correctly. We still use marketing methodologies taught to us from web 2.0.

Suffice it to say, this is not the most comprehensive list of internet marketing ideas, concepts and techniques, but it serves our purpose well. We perform these types of internet marketing services, and we rarely move outside of these types, because we find that beyond this, the risk vs. return for business owners, or the overwhelming nature of trying to do too many things in a marketing plan just doesn’t make sense for most of our clients. In super custom management programs we will provide video and other internet marketing services to ensure the success of companies we serve.