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Google Business Listing and Local Business Optimization

Your Google Business listing can be the lifeblood to your local business. Now more than ever, it’s becoming a viable tool for marketing, as Google works to monetize all its core assets. Google recognizes the power of the Adwords platform and wants opportunity to move into more local small business channels. They see this opportunity as a particularly interesting way to improve bottom line profits and improve relations with small businesses at the same time. The first step in the process is establishing businesses at the local level. Hence: the benefits associated with the properly utilized and optimized google local listing.

Are you utilizing Google Reviews in your overall Google Business Listing strategy?

Is your office staff encouraging google reviews for service received? Are you aware of the power of independent reviews in improving future client conversion and retention? Google reviews can have a major impact on your local business optimization. Consumers prefer seeing stars next to your business name as an indication of credibility, even if the star rating is less than perfect. It means you’re producing work or providing services worthy of being talked about. Of course the goal is to have excellent ratings, but it’s even more important to be fully aware of the impact of Google reviews on your Google Business listing and in converting local clientele.

Google Business Listing Optimization and Local Marketing

  • Are your business Name, Address and Phone Number consistently portrayed across the thousands of backlinks attached to your brand?
  • Is your business properly tied to your core practice? Does your business listing accurately reflect what you do?
  • Do you have citations attached to your business for local authority sites?
  • Are your details accurate: like your hours, facility information, etc.?
  • Are you doing anything special for your listing?
  • Do you have a 3D virtual tour for your business?
  • Do you have a platform in place to receive google reviews and handle them properly?

Improve your Google Business Local Listing means improving your direct conversion to core clientele.

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