Business Consulting and Change Management

We offer Business Consulting and change management for small and medium sized businesses in Southern California, including San Diego, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties. For Marquee clients we operate in several other major cities and metropolitan areas throughout the United States. We offer a variety of services, most often focused on improving bottom line revenue by streamlining processes, adding necessary platforms, managing employee/employer relationships and adding technology to bring businesses into best practices that are accepted throughout their unique industry.

Our Start as business consultants started in Sales Management, Change consulting and Marketing, and grew into an integrated practice that allows small and medium sized business executives the opportunity to perform the work they enjoy, and that work which only they can do, why we focus on performing the underlying and background functions. We’re proficient at integrating successful platforms and programs into a harmony that most small businesses only dream of achieving, while actually decreasing costs for those with existing platforms, and improving bottom line for those who are growing still.

When you work with our firm, you get a specialist dedicated to your business, your industry and your proprietary functions, as well as a support team that is at the top of their game, giving you extreme value, with a single point of contact.    

Most importantly, and often overlooked in the consulting industry, is the fact that we train all of our staff on every facet of the business, so when you start talking to your point of contact, about Human Resources, or Insurance, or Cloud Computing or Enterprise Email Integration, they don’t have to wait to talk with someone, or bring someone else into the conversation – They can just get to work on providing a solution.