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Learn about how a website can be a large return on investment

Discover how a properly built and maintained website can Be a massive Return on Investment and bring clients

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Websites

We understand. That’s why we implemented 0% financing for any customer. We don’t charge any fees, period. There are a few basic terms, but they are super flexible and offer you a website with only a moderate down payment and up to 24 months to pay, depending on the total cost of the project. Look around, no other local Southern California Web Design companies do this.

This is just one more reason we’re a top tier Agency.

We are operating on a less than one month timeline for all WordPress websites. For our client mix (even our big clients), over 95% of the websites we build are on the WordPress platform. Usually we can finish a WordPress website in less than two weeks.

Big site builds can take much longer, especially if interfacing with older sites. Please contact us for accurate timelines.

While there is no “TYPICAL” website, we can usually make a beautiful, functional and Optimized 3-10 page, business website for between $600 and $3000. Most of our clients fall into the $1000-$1800 range. We have built websites that cost over $100k and we’ve built simple optimized landing pages for $300.

If you need a lot of specialty items or have an extensive site already, prices can increase of course.

On average we find our value delivered for the money is far superior than our local competitors. We also have a pricing guarantee.

If it’s a new website completely, we build it optimized. If we are to optimize an existing website or migrate a website to our platform, we will need to work out a separate SEO fee.

We offer comprehensive and competitively priced SEO packages so that you are able to rank continuously in your market and market segment. This is a separate fee after the initial build.

Note: we offer a FREE 2 Months Local and citation/backlinks service for ALL NEW WEBSITES we build. This is a FREE service and is valued at over $750 dollars. No other web design company or Web developer offers anything close to this included in the base pricing.

We include a specific amount of high quality stock images in our website packages. You can view our website packages here.

As you can see we are very selective with our choices for stock imagery and you won’t find more cohesive planning from any developer than you will with us. We utilize design elements and team members alongside coders and developers to ensure your website is harmonious and converts.

If you ever need a small change let us know and we’ll happily replace imagery.

Learn about the way we use SEO, Marketing, Branding and PPC to Drive leads

Want to know why our Websites and Marketing, SEO and Lead Generation platforms outperform all other competitors?

Click on pictures or read FAQ’s below to discover how we address each of the following concepts. Links from pictures will open in the same window you are viewing.

Marketing, Branding, PPC and SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Google drives so much free traffic through their Google Local Pack channel. It’s crazy not to take advantage of it. But more than that, everything is going more local, especially if you are in an urban center. Everything is going hyper-local for small businesses, as they generally are finding it increasingly more difficult to compete on a large scale with top companies like Amazon, etc.

Local optimization offers an easy way to get traffic and grow your customer base while your content and SEO work matures.

Click here to read more about this “LOCAL OPTIMIZATION” concept.

Many of our clients do feel this way. Websites in their opinion are simply a brochure of the real world, offline business they have built.

If we could change one thing about mindset it’s that misnomer. In the “real world” of today, nothing could be further from the truth. Quite simply, without a functional, integrated website, you’re leaving money on the table and missing out on leads that would otherwise never find you.

Once you have a website, you need to promote it. There are many ways to do this. You don’t need to throw a bunch of money at a website to promote it. But it should be known that having a website that both GETS TRAFFIC and CONVERTS LEADS takes work.

A website should be a robust channel of your business development and lead generation, and should be treated that way. It’s why we take the extra time to optimize in multiple ways and why we do so much upfront citation/backlink work for FREE.

There are two major parts to a website that turns unknown people into real customers.

1. Traffic – which is gained by utilizing search engine optimization as well as other proven methodologies of online and offline marketing (another might be Social Media Marketing or Advertising)

2. Conversion – this is a case of having useful content, displayed in a credible and natural way so that potential customers see the value and act upon it. It is generally called UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience).

When these two parts are functioning harmoniously, you have a great opportunity to receive visitors to your site and a good chance of having them buy through.

Often PPC is used for generating traffic that you ordinarily couldn’t compete for organically.

It is also used to improve the traffic for very niche terms or brand name searches.

We often use it to shore up early lack of traffic where lead generation cannot wait. It is very good at finding customers ready to convert. Organic traffic is becoming more complicated to rank for on broad terms, so sometimes, the time frame to rank organically can be very long and even then many of the ranking content is not able to be presented in a way that is easily converted. An example might be that a ranked post is an informative blog post about a concept, that is harder to convert than a direct landing on your homepage.

We have achieved over 15 to 1 returns on PPC campaigns. That means that for every dollar spent, $15 of revenue are being created. This was for a #1 company in a competitive niche, with a daily spend of over 2k.

For 65k a month spend they were receiving approximately $1 million in revenue spend as a result of our specially crafted PPC campaign.

We routinely achieve 12 to 1 ratios of spend to revenue. That is far beyond the industry average.

Long story short: PPC can be a very smart choice.

All images should be an additional optimization point for your business. This is especially true if you sell products in an e-commerce fashion.

A single picture can create thousands of dollars in revenue per year, even if you cannot rank organically for the content or product page.

We can show you examples where we have built or managed websites that had massive increases in revenue because of proper picture optimization. We can also show you competitive niches where pictures are dominated by a particular client of ours – where 7 of the top 10 pictures on google are that client’s product.

Without a long-term plan or goals, the short term can be a bit murky.

It’s important that a site is built to handle future needs from the beginning, or the cost savings of proper development won’t be evident. If you don’t build it right, you’ll pay again to develop it when you need changes.

Managed growth is very important. If you are aggressively growing online, you need to know that you can scale your workforce and your technical backbone as needed to service customers properly.

Luckily, we’ve done this a few times – we can help you navigate it.

Learn about business consulting and how it can help you grow

Business Consulting is a Broad term, see why it might apply to your business as a needed service

Click on pictures or read FAQ’s below to discover how we address each of the following concepts. Links from pictures will open in the same window you are viewing.

Why Business Consulting Makes sense for almost all businesses in some way

We offer all types of training. We can perform inexpensive training in your facility, to minimize downtime, maximize participation and improve conditions where the training is presented and will be used. Alternatively we offer off site training for large group sizes or for our Executive Training programs.

You’ll find our pricing among the most competitive. We also don’t skimp on training. We custom build and plan our training to maximize your return on investment.

We also offer recorded training sessions as a subscription service that allows users the opportunity to view and test on concepts at their leisure.

In fact, this was our original entry into the marketing end of the business consulting practice we have today.

We happen to know a lot about insurance products, how they are marketed and which ones are difficult to defend against in IRS audits or are not on the up and up.

We also know how to build supercharged pension plans, understand how to do premium financing correctly and know how to get complicated underwriting done.

More importantly for most business owners are buy/sell agreements and funding through insurance products. Additionally we specialize in Risk Management using tools like captive insurance companies and other asset planning insurance based tools which are needed for larger enterprises.

We can be retained as a third party to vet products and platforms you’re being “sold”. We don’t have the temptation of a large commission hanging over our judgment, and can give a clear, unbiased directive as to the efficacy of the program you’re considering.

We can also act as a broker for off the shelf products that have been proven and have set pricing, to ensure you get the best customer service (things like employee health insurance and supplemental insurance).

We are currently developing a FREE platform for basic business buying recommendations. It would showcase our years of implementation expertise in a way that benefits your already existing needs and offers you insight you might not otherwise get.

Currently we offer a buying service which assigns a flat fee to the procurement process and gives comprehensive analysis of available options as well as implementation planning. It is a reasonable price for a timely service that ultimately can help you save a lot of headaches and thousands of dollars in the long run.

We also offer implementation and ongoing servicing contracts for large build-outs or complete office technology collections. This means you have zero downtime and upgrade opportunities are available as needed. Our servicing fee for your IT needs including storage and servers is competitive and gives perks the other guys can’t, including on site servicing and replacement loaner equipment in case of breakage.

We have done this more than a few times. from re-branding to management turnover, to new blockbuster product cycles: we are a business consultant at the core of our business.

Call us with details and we can give you some ideas, and quote a reasonable price structure to get you through the process.

We have built substantial relationships and resources over the years to ensure that transitions like this are easy to make.

We’ve seen it all. You’re being pressured to buy a program that caters to your market space or buy an “must have” product that seems too good to be true.

We know them all. We can offer unbiased opinion at a flat fee with data and proof to back up our opinions.

We also have relationships in all aspects of business services and can get an expert on the phone or in the room for the specific product you are considering.

We can also show you FREE versions of paid platforms that yo might be getting high pressure sales calls for. These can get you into the water for certain services without the risk of long-term contracts.

We aren’t lawyers. We aren’t regulators. but we can tell you exactly when you should be retaining a specialized lawyer for a compliance or employment law concern.

We also know how to avoid these concerns by putting in place systems and platforms to ensure you are good to go. We cost less than lawyers and we cost significantly less than audits, fines and fees paid to regulators.

Our body of proprietary knowledge and experience in implementing employee and compliance best practices can be a huge help in avoiding big ticket problems in the future.

We know exactly how to drive you business. We are lead generation experts. Whether it is a combination of SEO and content marketing or whether it is recruiting the best sales force, we have the capabilities to improve you bottom line immediately.

We’ve marketed all types of industries, and we actually find the more niche or hard to source, the better the return on investment. That is because there is less competition in less mainstream products or services.

We need to ask a few questions about your needs, so fill out the form below or call us to discuss some ideas.

You’ve learned the basics about our capabilities.

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