Human Resources, Compliance and Training

Human Resources is a facet of business that few small businesses understand well enough to implement without hiccups. Even fewer small businesses can justify the up front cost of building an efficient, capable human resources department, without knowing if it will ever return on investment.

Human Resources in its most ideal format, is the crossroads at which human capital meets efficient platforms and systems to create increased value for the employee base of the business, while improving employer bottom line, through harmonizing the various aspects where people and technologies intersect.

Human Resources has also become a bit of a caricature of itself in a sense, with many business owners seeing it as either end of a wide spectrum. Included on one end: the idea that human resources is simply glorified party planning, event coordination and generally a money pit, in order to buy employees loyalty. On the other end of this unrealistic spectrum of what many business owners see human resources as, is a complicated, multi-department rabbit hole that seeks to spend money on training and compliance that never was really needed in the first place.

The beauty of HR is that it's neither of these characterizations. Simply put, it is a department with an aim to improve efficiency for the long-term, improve turnover rates and ensure employee loyalty and top notch service to clients through maximizing the best of both the human aspect of the business and the systems that are necessary to stay in business.

Working with a firm who specializes in human resources means your upfront overhead and platform design costs are minimized, while you get the best practices whole industries have been formed upon and the accountability for your various employees throughout your organization, without the headaches of starting from scratch.

Not ready yet for a full HR solution? We offer a la carte services including: